Monday, April 25, 2011

Evil UPS

The UPS truck just drove down my street. You would have thought I was a 5 year old seeing the ice cream truck (or a 23 year old, if you were unfortunate enough to witness my ice cream truck dance when he drove by around 1...) by the way I yelled and almost bolted to the door. AND HE DIDN'T STOP! Doesn't the UPS man know I am waiting for my pots to come! I ordered them over a week ago!!! I realize I can't use them until I get to Chicago (we promised not to use any of the new stuff until we get there) but I can look at them, I can take them out of the box and pretend to cook with them. Wow, I'm really on that 5 year old mentality today aren't I? Where is the UPS guy when you need him????

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My pots came!! I took them all out of the box, and set them up on the table, just so I could see what they would look like when I used them. They are glass lids - I LOVE that! Now I can tell if the sauce if boiling or simmering without having to take off the lid and risk being splashed by very hot sauce. Although, it is a nice excuse to dip in some fresh mozzarella and "make sure" there is enough salt in the sauce hahahaha.

The UPS box was huge! And I think I may have frightened the UPS guy because I flung open the door and started jumping around when I saw the truck pull up!
 And then inside the box...was another box! And it was green, which matches all of my kitchen stuff...yes, I know I will throw out the box, but still, its looks so pretty next to the rest of the kitchen stuff in the corner waiting to be sent to Chicago!
 This is what they all look like on my kitchen counter...
Then I had to pack everything back into the wonderful green box. I wished I had taken pictures of each pot before I took it out, because it took about 20 minutes with everything spread out all over the kitchen floor to figure out how they all were supposed to go back in!

I'm so excited! Now all we need is an apartment to put them in...

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