Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

I'm pretty sure my car is going to get keyed.

There is a group of boys down the block, who can't be older than 15, who like to ride skateboards in the middle of the street, regardless of on coming traffic or anything like that.

So today, while going home, the car ahead of me had to stop and wait for one of these boys to get out of the middle of the road (which he was doing very slowly) when his friend came up to the passenger side of my car and started thrusting himself at my car and making all sorts of dirty movements! I couldn't believe it!

So I gave him the finger. Admittedly, not my best move, but these kids seem to be bullies, at least, from what I've seen from them roaming the neighborhood. And I hate bullies!

However, it was not my best move, because my car is a very distinctive color and I pulled into my driveway two blocks away, so they know exactly where it is now!

But today was definitely not all bad! Right after second period, half of my first period girls came running into my room to sing me happy birthday! They are so cute. Then they tried to guess my age. The first guess was 21, which made me happy, then 23, then 25 (I guess these girls just don't like even numbers!) But that was nice!

Then, I decided to go out and treat myself to getting my hair washed and blow dried straight. I hope it stays for tomorrow's dinner with my family and AJ. I can't wait, we are going to have chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes and flourless french chocolate cake for dessert! It is my favorite cake, the girl at the local pizza place, Carmela's, makes it. They serve it warm with vanilla ice cream on top, although I don't know if we are going to be able to serve it warm at home! But it is so much better that way!

I also got my sewing machine yesterday. I really love it! Except it took me a year and a half to thread it, because I didn't know that sewing machines have a light when you turn them on! I couldn't see at all, until my mom told me that. But my favorite thing is the pattern on the sewing machine. It is so fun!

Except the part where I totally suck at sewing! I would post pictures of some of the things I attempted to sew, but I'm really too embarrassed! I'll try again tonight though!

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