Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Dozen!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Or, as I prefer to say, my two dozenth birthday!

My Nonni came over for dinner, and made me a basil/parsely plant to bring to Chicago. I love the cute tea cup planter (from Wal-Mart!) and I love love love having fresh basil to make sauce with in the summer!

She also got me a ton of stuff for the apartment! Including the wonderful Le Creuset french onion soup bowls to match the rest of my stuff. And, she got me green towels for the kitchen, and a green vegetable keepers, and a green pastry brush! And, she made a soap holder from washcloths that smells so pretty!

My mom and dad and Nonni all pitched in to make my favorites for dinner - bruschetta, chicken from scratch (aka. breaded chicken cutlets), mashed potatoes and corn and peas :) It was delicious! Then...for my favorite part!

Its inside the pizza box!

A flourless chocolate cake from my favorite pizza place (they make the most fabulous desserts!) It was amazing! I can't wait to have more of it after dinner tonight!!!

My family has some very interesting traditions for presents. You aren't allowed to have your presents until we've eaten dinner, cleared the table, and had cake! It was a tradition from my dad's family. He is one of seven kids, so they used it as a form of torture with each other! I love that tradition though, because it keeps your birthday excitement going all day!

My parents got me awesome luggage for Chicago! It is really really nice, and super light, which is great, because I am not that strong! And it means now I finally get to use the luggage tag making pieces that came with my laminating machine to make luggage tags for it!

Then AJ gave me my present. He said if I couldn't open his present as soon as he got to my house, I'd have to wait and his would be last! But when he gave it to me, I totally understood why!

Its a promise ring! AJ and I are moving to Chicago in a few weeks (AHHH! I can't believe its just a few weeks away!) and he gave me this ring to tell me how much it means to him that I am going with him, and that we will spend the rest of our lives together. I didn't want to take it off to go to sleep, but I did. And put it right back on the second I woke up!

Well, we are off to the store now to buy boxes because somebody (me) needs to start packing up all her stuff!

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