Saturday, June 18, 2011


Almost all of our furniture is white. The bookshelves for the scrapbook stuff are white, the table is white, the chairs are white. Except, the bins in the bookshelves are red, and AJ's aunt gave us a red chair. So, I'm thinking we should paint the walls a pale yellow, and slipcover the couch in a deep blue.

My mom has some beautiful yellow flowers in the backyard, and she suggested I take some pictures of them to hang in the apartment as art. I took three that I looooved, and I photoshopped them into one large jpeg and am going to have them printed up on a large canvas to hang in our living room.

I love how it came out! I can't wait to get it so I can hang it up!

I also have a beautiful frame that AJ gave me that holds a ton of pictures and says "Family is where our story begins." We are going to fill it with pictures of our families, and pictures of ourselves. He said we can change out the pictures as we grow together. I'm really excited about it!

I think we should either hang the frame over the couch and the canvas over the kitchen table, or the other way around. Or, we can hang the frame over our bed, and the canvas over the couch, and nothing over the kitchen table. But, I guess we can figure it out when I get there!

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