Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its already Wednesday!

Sunday morning, AJ and I walked down to Elly's Pancake House and had the most amazing omelettes. Seriously, if you are in Chicago, the omelettes there are soooo good!

Then, we decided to take the train to Target. It went really well on the way there.

On the way home, however...we had four bags full of kitchen drying rack, trash can, all that kind of stuff.

And the Pride Parade had just let out.

And the White Sox game had just let out.

And we were trying to force our way onto a packed subway car with four HUGE bags from Target!

We ended up missing the first train, well, not missing, but not being able to fit on it. But, we got on the second train.

Monday and Tuesday, I spent the whole day unpacking! It went really soon as I get a vacuum, I'll post pictures of everything :)

I wish I had some more fun adventures to post about, but I'm kind of stuck here (totally of my own doing) until I get unpacked. I just need everything to be put away!

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