Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laundry Room

My only experience with laundry rooms was in college. And even then, I did a majority of my laundry at home, because it was so close, and laundry at home is free!

But, AJ was out of clothes for work, so I said I'd do his laundry for him. In the laundry room.

Now, our laundry room is on the 21st floor. But only one elevator goes there, the others will go to 20 or 22, but they don't go to 21. I got one that goes to 20, 22. So, AJ's laundry bag is so heavy (seriously! who did he think was going to carry this thing upstairs!) that I decided it was best to go to 22 and drag it down to 21.

I finally get to the laundry room, swipe my key fob, and . . . nothing.

My key fob doesn't work.

I, of course, refuse to accept this, and keep trying. Then I try the other door.

Then, a very nice person lets me in. Yay!

So, I walk over to the "buy laundry card" machine. Go to put in my $20 and find out that I need to use a credit card. Which is in the apartment.

Back down to the 10th floor, find the credit card, back up to the 21st floor.

Aaaaand, I can't get in. But another very nice person lets me in.

I get a card, load up two washers. Go to insert my laundry card...oops! That's my credit card. Put the credit card down, put in the laundry card. Gather up my stuff. Leave.

Slam! The door closes behind me.

Where is my credit card?!? Oh noooo! I forgot it! Its in the laundry room. That's okay, there was someone in there, I'll just knock.

*knock knock knock*

Silence. I thought someone was in there...odd. What the heck?!? I'll try my key fob again . . . nothing.

*knock knock knock*

Nothing. Really? Someone was there, where could they have gone, there is only one way out, and I've been standing here...


Nothing. Did they leave using the other door? But either way, to get to the elevator, you have to walk by this door, they couldn't have just disappeared? I know it! They're in there, stealing my credit card number!

So, now I'm standing in the hallway, crying and freaking out because I'm locked out.

In a last ditch effort, I try my key fob again. IT WORKS!

Oh wait, no it didn't, someone was leaving and I've just slammed the door open into them.

WAAAAIT! That means someone was in there! While I was knocking and knocking and knocking!

How rude!

1 comment:

WhisperingWriter said...

How scary. I'd have cried too. I'm glad the fob finally worked.

But that was rude if someone was there and they didn't answer :/

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