Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its Only Wednesday!!!

This seems like it has been the longest week ever! How is it only Wednesday?

I need to finish packing tomorrow. All that I need to pack are the rest of my clothes (in the laundry as I type) and a few things that didn't go into the boxes for whatever reason. So it shouldn't be too much.

And, tomorrow is our last full day of school. Yay! Everyone else is cleaning out their classrooms, but I don't have one. I finished clearing out my middle school desk and all that stuff today, and plan on clearing out the high school stuff tomorrow. Its pretty much done, but I have a few items that need to go back into the classroom that are sitting on my desk.

Then, its just the assembly tomorrow morning at the middle school, a quick faculty meeting (I'm not sure which building I'm supposed to go to) and picking up my last paycheck standing between me and summer!

I cannot wait!!!

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