Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tomorrow AJ and his friends are coming with the truck to pick everything up. I have one box left to pack, but I am afraid I am forgetting to pack something! I have tons of clothes that need to go, but I have three suitcases I am bringing with me when I leave.

So, I am off to pack more. I hope everything fits in the truck...

Wow, so that was intense, the last minute packing...the coffee table is still piled with stuff, but my mom said that she would pack all of that for me tomorrow. She was able to take tomorrow and Thursday off of work to do last minute stuff. I, unfortunately, cannot. Tomorrow my students are taking the Regents exam, and I have to be there. And Thursday, we are spending all day grading it, so I have to be there. It couldn't have come at a worse time! I wish I could be there to help the guys load the truck. And take lots of pictures of it leaving, with all my stuff!

I keep saying "I'm moving to Chicago on June 26, but my stuff is leaving tomorrow." Its a scary thought. I really hope I've packed everything. I am so worried I have too many clothes to bring in my suitcases on the plane.

Although, worse comes to worse, I can bring an empty suitcase home from Chicago when I come back in July, and fill it up with the things I forgot. And when my family comes to visit, they can always bring me stuff.

I'm just getting worried. I've just never moved on my own before!

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