Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunday Drama Rama

Sunday morning, AJ and I drove about an hour out to Indiana to see his coworkers in a target shooting competition. It was pretty cool, once I stopped jumping in the air and grabbing AJ's arm every time a gun went off. Although for the first 20 minutes, I kept whispering, ummmm...that man is carrying a gun. Well duh, everyone was carrying a gun, and very safely I might add. They were not allowed to be loaded until you were standing on the platform ready to shoot. I liked that, because I am not a fan of firearms. The potential danger just scared the heck out of me!

Driving back into Chicago was not as fun. The traffic was horrendous because people had stopped on Lake Shore Drive to watch the air show. Literally pulled over on the shoulder and stopped. It caused massive traffic back ups. And, our exit off Lake Shore onto local Lake Shore was shut down, so we had to go a different way.

Now, this "different" way is the way I always go, although AJ prefers the shut down way. It normally takes about 3 minutes to get off Lake Shore and turn for local Lake Shore. It took us 20 minutes.

However, in these twenty minutes, we saw:

  • Someone attempt to parallel park a very large truck in between some motorcycles. And catch the spokes of one on its hitch in the back. 
  • A shirtless man getting onto a bike with his child in a seat on the back of the bike. He dropped the bike, but caught it before it hit the ground, the child was okay. Although, I can attest to the psychological damage this child will now endure, as this exact same thing happened to me once. I still get panicked when I see a kid on a bike like that!
  • A man back his smart car up into a tiny itty bitty spot, so he is perpendicular to traffic, I was impressed. And wanted a smart car.
  • More kids pile out of a cab that I thought was physically possible.

But, back to the driving. The turn is difficult, there are two turns, tight to Lake Shore (wrong way) and wide to local Lake Shore (right way). Once you make this turn, you are two minutes from our apartment. Guess which way AJ turned?

Did you guess that he turned back into the dead stopped traffic on Lake Shore Drive?! Yep. I saw it happening in slow motion, and just couldn't stop him in time. It was horrible. We crawled past our apartment, with no way to get to it.

We sat on Lake Shore for another 30 minutes before we could get off (remember how they closed the next exit - which is also super close to home?). Yeah, then we had to wind through the city for another 30 minutes.

When all was said and done, it took us three hours to get home. And for two of them, we were in Chicago!


Becky said...

Ugh, this sounds horrible! I guess the only thing worse would have been 100+ heat and the air conditioner not working in the car. Glad you made it home okay!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh my this sounds like a terrible time! but t hink on the bright side you were at least together on this adventure

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