Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What a Day!

Wow, so much has happened since I posted my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos yesterday...

Now, before I tell the story, I have to say this here, AJ takes better care of his teeth than anyone I know. In addition to the regular morning/night brushings, he uses mouthwash all the time (which totally burns my mouth!), and he flosses every day - its the flossing that gets me, I don't know anyone who does that every single day. But, he has always had low enamel, so he has issues sometimes.

Okay, so now on to the story.

We went to dinner at a friend's house Sunday night. And poor AJ was unexpectedly the only guy there. But he was being a trooper.

We're eating dinner and having girly conversations, and eating yummy pasta, and he goes, uh oh. And we are all like, what?

His front bottom tooth was in his hand.

He bit into a piece of crusty Italian bread, and his tooth just broke.

So today, he had to go to the dentist for emergency, well, it wasn't surgery, but it still was annoying! They put a fake tooth on so he could eat. But it took a long time, and we didn't know if they would need to do root canal (no, thank God) or what, so I drove him there in case he couldn't drive home.

Then, I drove him to work, because he was working so late, and he didn't get any sleep with his tooth, I was afraid of him driving home on not enough sleep. Normally, this is, at most, an hour and fifteen minutes back and forth.

But today, there were freight trains.

Normally, this isn't a big problem. There are two entrances to the plant, so you just go around the corner and go in that way.

But not today. Today there were two freight trains. With hundreds of cars each. Perpendicular to each other.

And one couldn't move until the other did. And that other, wasn't moving.

We sat across the tracks from him plant for what seemed like two hours waiting for the trains to move. Ironically, we saw some of his coworkers doing the same thing!

Then finally, one of the trains moved...and moved...and moved...and moved...twenty minutes after it was done moving, we could cross the tracks!

But we knew we only had about five minutes before the other train would start to move and block us in again. Unfortunately, the Versa ahead of us did not care about that. He went really slowly, stopped to let other cars turn out into the road. I may have lost my temper and honked the horn at said Versa. But I was on a mission to get in, get out and get home in time for How I Met Your Mother!

I got to the plant (yay! or AJ would have been late for work! And he is the only engineer on right now!) Just as AJ was getting out of the car, I heard the train honk its horn. I sped out of the plant and up the road to the tracks.

Where I sat for fifteen minutes watching a train slooooowly go by.

Just when I thought we were getting to the end, it STOPPED! I almost cried.

But I saw some people making u turns, so I turned with them, plugged in my gps and went on an adventure throughout the back roads.

As I was driving, I passed the back of the train (still not moving). It had to be miles long!

I got home two and half hours after I left...and I missed the first half of How I Met Your Mother!

And I didn't get any scrapbooking done (I wanted to make a video/picture slide show on how to make those banners, also because my mom asked me to make her one!).

Well, I'm going to nap now, before I go pick AJ up at work and go out for yummy brunch :)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

so sorry for your terrible day! i missed how i met your mother too but i do have it on tivo

Becky said...

Hope AJ is feeling better. Sounds awful about the mess with the trains! We DVRd both new episodes of How I Met Your Mother. The girls are constantly interrupting us and anymore, it is SO not appropriate for them :) Probably why I like it so much!

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