Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yes, There is a Haunted House in my Bathroom

Today I'm linking up with Julia at the Stamping Ground for What's On Your Work desk Wednesday.

On my work desk was the start of a happy Haunted House.

I wanted to put my happy haunted house on my window, but when I tried it, it didn't look so great. I have a pretty view, and it kind of took over the view, and I didn't love how it looked.

But then I had an idea. And this idea has a back story, of course!

I get scared of the bathroom mirror around Halloween. 

To be honest, I get scared of everything around Halloween. I don't like horror movies, ghost stories, or the  commercials for all the scary movies that are on.

Which is sad, because I love the cute Halloween stuff, the happy ghosts (like the one waving here), smiling witches, candy, dressing up, the movie Hocus Pocus, not scary haunted houses. But the scary stuff, nope, not for me!

The new Paranormal Activity commercial scared me beyond belief. AJ warned me not to watch it. He knows that there is one scary story in particular that really frightens me. So he told me, when you see the new Paranormal Activity commercial, close your eyes or change the channel, you won't like it.

And it came on Saturday, while I was scrapbooking, and I couldn't find the remote. So, I threw my hands over my ears and closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. But of course, it happened to be the extra long version of the commercial  so when I looked up, it wasn't over.

I saw the scariest part.

And I've been afraid of the bathroom ever since. Like, won't shut the door, wouldn't go in the middle of the night and waited for AJ to wake up so I could go pee with someone else awake.

So I decided to put my happy haunted house in the bathroom, to make me smile, instead of scared! (Don't you love how seriously I'm focusing in the picture!

I love my happy haunted house :)

If you're wondering how I made it...the fence, black paper and purple paper are from the We R Memory keepers Spookville line, all the other papers were in my stash. The door knob is an "h" brad I found in my stash, and everything was cut from the Cricut Mini Monsters cartridge. I'm thinking I'm going to go back and go over the window panes in black...

Have a great Wednesday!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

sooo cute!

Kelly Luckett said...

LOve it another fab way to dress up the house for halloween! Hope you dont catch that ad again!

Becky said...

This is absolutely the most adorable thing EVER! And I love the story behind it too! :) I close my eyes when I see those movie previews too. Last might I made Mike watch Halloween Town II on Disney Channel with me, and the girls were already in bed! He was not thrilled, but that kind of scary movie is much more my speed :)

How did you stick this to your mirror?

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I am totally with you on hating scary stuff - why do people want to watch horrible movies? I don't actually like Trick or Treat either, hate that 'give me sweets or else' syndrome. My, don't I sound like a misery guts!!!!! Like your house in the bathroom though :) xx

JoZart said...

I too love your fun haunted house and the pic in the bathroom is great. All colour co-orinated. I loved the funny stories about your phobias!!
I'm going to scare you now..... I had a ghost in my house, things used to move about etc., and I saw it a couple of times..... .whoooooooooooo! truly, honestly, really, and not kidding, but I wasn't scared!!!! They can't harm me but I could tell you lots of stories about "happenings"!
Love JoZarty x

Annette said...

now this is way fun... I love it...

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Well you are definitely not alone on your dislike of the scary stuff! Either its too scary and I cant sleep or so over the top that its ridiculous and I cant watch it either!!! Disney's about the right level for me I must admit!!
Love the house, don't paint the windows black, you'll change the Happiness factor! yellow windows are inviting, black ones are forbidding, but love the piece hun, but I dont cricut as a rule lol,

Lou P #124

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