Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22

Yesterday, I posted my Home Alone story. So you know that had to be on my December Daily page for today! I wanted to take a picture of me in the mirror doing the Home Alone face. And maybe I will later, but I could not get a good picture yet! I looked, well, frightening...So for right now, I've got Kevin McAllister, but that could change if I like the pictures I'm planning on taking again :) I wish I could remember where I found this picture, but I can't. I googled Home Alone White Christmas, and like, a gagillion copies of this image came up!

But despite the quiet work day, yesterday was a very busy busy night! I cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors, and straightened up the living room. I wanted to vacuum, but it just got too late, and I didn't want to wake anyone up! Then I packed, put together one last Christmas present, and wrote out AJ's Christmas card!

And I even found time to scrapbook a little bit. Although, I'll save that page for a different day after Christmas! It was great to find some time to be crafty, I didn't realize how much I missed it, but it definitely was a relaxing spot in a crazy evening. Plus, sitting by the tree scrapbooking was a great substitute for my one of my favorite Christmas things - wrapping in front of the tree. The only thing I was missing was a nice hot chocolate, but I'd just done all of the dishes! So I had a nice cold refreshing glass of water instead.

Now let's celebrate that its Christmas Eve Eve!


Becky said...

Man girl, talk about productive! :) I love your page from yesterday, a pic of you would be awesome, but Kevin works good too!

Tracy said...

I think you Need to get a photo of yourself ;)
I am in awe of your December Daily and how quick you are.
When I did mine, I didn't even start until January, lol.

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