Friday, December 9, 2011

December 8

This is a very exciting morning, I woke up to snow on the ground. Just a dusting, but still snow! And I've got two fun things to share today - the apartment that we finally finished decorating (well, except for new lamps! Wow does ours give off very harsh lighting!) and I have Day 8 of the December Daily album!

Apartment first, because we have been working on this since forever!

I love how it turned out, although I'm still a little iffy on the yellow walls, and the brown furniture. Originally, we had planned on doing a light yellow, navy blue and red theme, but then we changed to brown and light blue, but we'd already picked yellow for the walls. I still thought it would be a very pale yellow, like a cream, so it would work out nicely, but it turned out to much yellower that I expected! Maybe with new lamps that are a little less harsh (oh how I wish we had recessed high hat lighting, my  the color will be more what I had envisioned, but I think the lamps will have to wait until January!

So, I'm still unsure about the yellow and brown, but I'll post the pictures and let you be the judge!

 The Christmas tree. You also get a good idea about the color of the walls here.

 The new "living room" area. We moved the couch in from the wall, to break up the space a bit. Oh! I just got an idea, I'll make a floor plan :)

 My Christmas decorations. Not new, but still exciting!

 The couch with the pillows I bought for the old room plan, I still think I like them, because they have the yellow and the blue, and they also have lots of other colors!

A close up of the rug. It is also super super comfy to walk on!

Now if only I could get some cute bronze floor lamps!

Moving on to the December Daily, of course the page is focused on the new look for the apartment...

Well, I better get ready for work. I am going in early today, but that means I get out early, which is awesome, because my dad is coming to visit today! We are going out to dinner tonight, and he is staying with us. Then Saturday, we will probably all go out to breakfast, but then my dad is going to his cousin's memorial service (I feel a little guilty being so excited to see my dad when he is here for such a sad reason), then AJ and I are going to a Christmas party thrown by some of his coworkers. Sunday, we are bringing my dad back to the airport, then we will probably just relax and catch up on all our DVR-ed shows, which we skipped for Christmas movies all week! What are your weekend plans?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

love everything!! i think the brown and yellow combo is great! i am loving your pages in your DD. i might have to give this a try next year.

have a great weekend with your dad!

Becky said...

Your living room looks awesome! Have a great time with your dad. Hope you have a good time at the Christmas party!

Tracy said...

Your pages are awesome.
Love the look of your apartment :)
I know it may not be a nice reason why your dad is coming to town, but you will surely make it a better one :)

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