Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Michaels was having a big sale this weekend. Plus, if you went on Sunday between the hours of 1pm and 7pm, you could use a 20% off your entire purchase, including sale items! You know they almost never have crazy coupons like that! Its always the 40% off one item coupon, but you can never use on sale stuff, and Michaels is so super strict about their coupons! And to make it even better, my aunt gave me a Michaels gift card for Christmas!

I got new embossing folders for my Cuttlebug...I love the one all the way on the right with all the Happy Birthdays!

I got these letters to put on our window sill. I was originally going to paint them in red, pink and white, and just put them out for Valentine's Day.

But then I saw these colors that match our living room rug, and our bedroom colors, so I thought this would be a nice decoration to have up year round. And if I want to change the sentiment in the living room to match the season, I can just move the letters onto the window sill in the bedroom, and it still looks great!

Embroidery floss was only $3.99 for 36 colors! I love how some people stitch titles on their pages (now if only I could find that picture...) And if the title thing doesn't work, I can always fall back on my awesome friendship bracelet making skills!

Of course I needed some pretty buy one get one free ribbon! I see a Valentine's Day banner in this ribbon's future!

These two little guys were too cute pass up at only 99¢ each!

Then I went a little crazy with Valentine's Day decorations. I love the decorate for Valentine's Day. All of the pink and red just looks so cheerful in the middle of February!

I got gel window clings for our bathroom mirror. And I still have my snowman towel, with his red heart buttons out too :)

For Christmas, I had similar felt die cut trees hanging up on my kitchen doors. I decided to switch them out for these hearts for Valentine's Day! Don't worry though, I didn't leave this heart up there yet, just for the picture!

Then I got these little window clings to go on the sides of our windows...like my ghosts for Halloween. Our apartment is going to be so festive for Valentine's Day!

But, this was the last "buying" trip for a while. AJ and I want to go on vacation, so we are now on a strict budget (you know, after I bought some bathing suits online last night! Now we are on strict budget! But I'll need them for the vacation, and everything is returnable!) I'm even contemplating leaving my credit cards at home, and I had my Pick You Plum emails stopped, because they are just too tempting! No more anything for me!

Except Weight Watchers, that is one expense I am refusing to cut. I need to fit in the bathing suits after all!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! I'm off to go count out exactly how many cheerios I get to eat for breakfast today!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

wow that was a great shopping trip!! how fun!!

i am also on a spending freeze--i need to use up my stash and get it down to a manageable amount. so far so good with me--no $$$ spent so far this month on scrapping supplies!!

Annette said...

don't you just love getting new fun thing to play with...great finds...

Becky said...

What a great buying trip! Love that you started the spending freeze AFTER you bought the suits! ;)

Patrice said...

Ooooh, I missed that sale at Michael's - talk about spend a fortune when I go there! You did great!

Tracy said...

Love your timing on your spending freeze, teehee.
You did get some awesome finds there :)

Sweepy said...

Woof, Katie!
The last time I went shopping the hoomans shooed me off. And in one shop I ate all the cookies which the owner promptly charged to my Keeper which made Keeper mad. So that's it I'm woofy done with shopping.

Happy drooly Valentines!

ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

Wow you got some great things! I totally missed that sale. boo!

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