Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years 2012

So, even though I've done a few posts since New Year's Eve, I thought I'd share some of the pictures from our long weekend.

We started out with AJ's birthday on Friday. He got lots of presents...but he wasn't allowed to open them until after I took lots of pictures of the pretty wrapping!

We also had present opening photo shoot. Isn't he being so cooperative?! He got a blue ray player and all of the Star Wars movies. Can you guess what we did before we went out for a birthday dinner?

And I got to wear my new dress that I got for Christmas out to dinner. I even got really cute shoes with a grey, black and white flower pattern at the outlets that day to wear! Of course, the pictures of the shoes is on my cell phone and not here, but they were cute. Painful, but cute!

Saturday was New Year's Day! We didn't do much during the day, but that night, we went to a party with our friends. It was so much fun, although, we paid for an open bar and ended up not drinking anything at all! Well, that's not true, I had two drinks and AJ had four, but we were out for over 7 hours, and they were totally watered down, so I'm not counting them really!

But I got to wear another new dress! This one my brother gave me specifically to wear on New Years Eve! I loooove it! It had a little tie up near the top in the back to make it like a little halter, and a cute belt, and was totally shimmery and greek goddessy. And it was so super easy to dance in! I even got cute gold pumps to wear. Which totally got switch to my Fast Flats with all the dancing going on! AJ had a new outfit too, that he got at the Gap outlet the day before. And of course, a fancy hat from the bar ;)

All of the girls looked very pretty and all dressed up. I have a picture of the boys, but it was candid while they were dancing - they are making such silly faces, I think they'd kill me if I shared it!

But, the sad thing was - I woke up sick on Sunday! I was getting a bit of a cold, but I think running around Chicago in weather inappropriate dresses for two nights in a row and dancing all night on Saturday did not help. I stayed on the couch all day Sunday, with achies and chilles and a bit of fever, which broke Sunday afternoon. So of course, I thought I was all better, and made brownies and scheduled a blog post for Monday, which totally knocked me out again!

Then, I was feeling good when I woke up Monday, so I took down all of the Christmas decorations while AJ cleaned the kitchen and mopped all the floors. We put our furniture back where it should be, and I was all knocked out again, and it was only 11am! I didn't get to do any scrapbooking, because I just chilled out on the couch for the rest of the day!

All that rest was probably a good thing since I'm feeling much better for this week at work!

Alright, well, I should probably go to work now, so I can come home and maaaybe get one layout done after we go grocery shopping and cook dinner! I think I'm going to steal Becky's idea and use some divided page protectors for my layout!

Hopefully I'll have something crafty to share tomorrow!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

sounds like a really fun weekend! your dress is so pretty!

hope you are feeling better!

Becky said...

Ooohhh, you look fabulous! It's funny because in the second picture I was thinking, she looks Greek Goddessish right before I read your description of the dress! Haha! I'm glad you're feeling better :) And yes, you're right, you SHOULD get some divided page protectors like Becky. Hahahaha!

Tracy said...

Good that you are feeling better, rest is the best medicine :)
You do look like a goddess, a gorgeous goddess at that.
Sounds like you rung in the new year :)

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