Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year's Eve Layout

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was jam packed! Not exactly what I was hoping for after being sick on Thursday :(

Sunday, we went to Ikea to get a new table and chairs, which we had researched online. The plan was to go early, pick everything up and make it back to the city on time for brunch with everyone at 11am. Yeah. That didn't work out so well!

We checked out everything in the showroom before we went to pick it up, just to make sure we liked it. We did, so we headed downstairs to pick up everything. We got the table first, then went to get chairs. Except the only had one. As in, one chair. So only one person could sit at a time.

We ended up having to go to the other Ikea (in the exact opposite direction!) to get the chairs. But that worked out okay, because we could barely fit the table in the car, so we'd have to have made two trips anyway! And even though we ended up missing brunch because of this ordeal, we did have a nice lunch out in the suburbs, which is much quieter than lunch in the city!

We were so tired last night, and full from lunch, we didn't even eat dinner at our new table. I'm very excited have dinner tonight!

Anyway, enough about the Ikea drama! On to the New Year's Eve layout. The left side of the layout is on the back of this one, so I had to use the page protectors. But, we had lots of pictures, so it worked out really well!

(Um, I'm not sure why that picture is so blurry...maybe because I took it super early this morning!)

 I used little circles on each picture to tie the two side together. Plus, I got a new circle punch and wanted to play with it!

 I really liked the tone on tone 2012 and circles on this side of the page :)

I hope everyone has a really great Monday!


Gina Kleinworth said...

Ohhh- I like that layout too. Hope you will be posting photos of your time at the new table!

Becky said...

Your Ikea stories ALWAYS make me laugh :) Your layout turned out great! I love the gold paper, my Target didn't have any...

Tracy said...

So glad you found the other chairs, wouldn't be much fun waiting your turn to sit down for supper, lol.
Your layout is lovely as always.
I thought the circle was there to hide the air register, teehee. said...

Love the new table and chairs! There's always some kind of drama w/ Ikea (and me). Your New Year's layout looks great as well. I'm so behind! I"m on last February in our family album and I still have to get the whole highschool album done for my daughter! Yikes!!!

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