Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recap and an Engagement Layout

Hi everyone!

Wow, did things get a little insane around here! I'll give you a little recap of my week :) Don't worry, there are pictures after all this blah blah blah, so you can skip this if you'd like!

Wednesday - I have been going to yoga, but Wednesday, I ended up having not one but two bad asthma attacks at yoga! I had to leave the class early, and when I got home, I was so shaken up and freaked out that I haven't gone back since!

Thursday - aka. the last day before spring break! I had quite the adventurous trip to the airport. I got on a train to take me up there, and within minutes of getting on, there was an emergency, and our conductor had to leave the train! I jumped off the train, ran upstairs finally hailed a cab and rushed off to the airport! I made it just in time :)

Friday - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN TIME! I had flown home to see Springsteen play at Madison Square Garden with my family. Yay! As always, he played a great show, although when I saw Monday's set list, I was jealous! I wanted to hear Rosie too!

Saturday - We booked a wedding photographer - more on that later :)

Sunday - Flew home to Chicago at 6am, showered, went to church with AJ, and then had a very relaxing Easter of dying eggs (more on that later too!) and watching the Masters. On a side note - AJ mentioned that he thought he got a bug bite in his ear, because inside his ear was bleeding when he woke up.

Monday - Monday was supposed to be my blogging catch up day, but then AJ woke up and was bleeding out of his ear again! Everything got thrown out of the window as we ran around trying to find him a doctor in Chicago who could see him that day! Fortunately, it was nothing, all the important parts of his ear are fine, they think he maybe just cut it with a q-tip!

Tuesday - um, I was just super lazy...and feeling guilty because I hadn't blogged in a week! So I watched trashy TV and listened to wedding music for the ceremony!

Wednesday - that's today! I'm blogging :)

So, since I either a. bored you with that recap or b. you skipped over it and stopped by here, I figured I'd show you a layout I did recently!

I decided to start a scrapbook with all of the important milestones before the wedding (engagement, shower, bachelorette, all that stuff!)

I love the "engagement" page, and since the engagement came first, I thought I'd share this page first with you all!

It was a very gray day outside when we got engaged, but I knew I wanted to add lots and lots of color to the scrapbook page, since that's what the day felt like! I saw this really cute chevron in Scrapbooks, Etc. and decided I had to include it for the main part of the page!

AJ and I each wrote out the story of our engagement on these planner inserts from Staples. I have to say, his is much more eloquent than mine! It was nice to read about the whole story from his side, the thinking about proposing, looking at rings, planning the proposal, asking my dad part. My side it was just about when he actually proposed, because I wasn't part of all the "getting ready" pieces!

 I love this little tag!

 Next to this colorful page, I included a bunch of the pictures I took on our "picture walk" that day.

I had tons of them, so they took up two pages!

Did you make your own pre-wedding or wedding album, or are you planning to?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh how cool that you both wrote about the engagement. I love this idea! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

What a great idea, Katie!
I love that you have his perspective, too.
I am wanting to do that more with Mike.
All our stories are my point of view :)

Becky said...

What a busy week! Sounds like the concert was fun and you're ticking things off the wedding to do list too! Hope AJ's ear is okay, I'm totally telling Mike this because he's a freak about cleaning his ears with Q Tips!

Love your layout and how colorful it is! Also that you included both sides of the story!

Tracy said...

Sounds like a full week, and yes I read it all ;)
So sweet to be making an album "before" the wedding.
I like that you added his story to the engagement :) said...

Aww this is so sweet! I love love love that chevron!! It does make your photos POP!! What a great memento to have of your engagement story from each side. I think that is so special!
Good to hear that AJ's ear is ok.

AND Bruce!!! Lucky lady!!! How awesome! You had quite the whirlwind weekend and it's good your are relaxing this week.

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