Monday, May 7, 2012

Fireworks Layout

I cannot believe it is Monday already! How does that happen?!

This was a great weekend - for lots of reasons - but my favorite one? The rainy weather held off just long enough that we were able to take our engagement photos! And I mean just long enough a huge thunder and lightning storm broke out less than a half hour after we got back to the apartment!

The photo shoot was so much fun. Brooke (from My Boysterous Life - who I met for realsies at an awesome scrapbook weekend) is starting her own photography business. Of course, AJ and I thought she would be the perfect person to take our engagement photographs, and we were totally right! You can check out some of her fabulous photography at BEG Photography. I can't wait to see our photos, and definitely make a scrapbook page (or two or three or seven!)

I also decided to extend National Scrapbook Day to National Scrapbook Weekend. On Saturday, I ended up cleaning more than I anticipated, but I did take a few minutes to look through all of my books that I have here in Chicago (the rest of in New York!). I really don't do that enough. On Sunday, after we took the photos, while it was raining like crazy and AJ was watching various sports, I did lots of scrapping!

I was really behind (I really hate saying that because it feels overwhelming, but I scrap chronologically, so I do get behind!) Either way, this is a layout about fireworks from last summer.

I was in kind of a one page-one picture layout kind of mood (like I was on Friday), but I had tons of pictures, so I decided to make a little window pane to tie everything together.

I loved the blue background paper (from a summer stack in my stash!) I love the Jetsons feel to it! And the little strip of lanterns too. I'm really trying hard to use up my stash!

Do you scrap chronologically (and are you always behind like me), or do you follow a different method? I like going in "order" but I really hate that "oh no, I'm getting too far behind" feeling!

I hope you are having a great Monday! See you tomorrow :)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a fun layout!! the photo is awesome

MG Atwood said...

can't wait to see your engagement photos. It's all coming together, and before you know it Wedding day!!

Becky said...

yay, so happy you got your engagement photos in! (and I hope we get to see some of them at some point :) Those fireworks photos are beautiful! I scrap chronological too! said...

I'm so happy you guys got your engagement photo shoot done! Can't wait to see them!!
Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! Your fireworks photos are great and I love the idea of the window pane page. That paper has such a cute mod retro vibe!! I also scrap chronologically and I'm always behind (currently 1 year behind!--but I'm stopping to do my daughter's high school album). I go in phases, sometimes I'll scrap like crazy and make a lot of progress and sometimes I won't scrap for weeks. It's always there waiting for me!!

Tracy said...

Glad that the rain held off, looking forward to seeing your engagement photos.
Great layout. I always do 2 page spread and the one side usually only has one photo on it, then many on the other page.
I am so behind I can never catch up, so I just have to embrace it, lol.

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