Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bike Ride Layout

Its Tuesday! We are one day closer to the weekend!

This is another layout that I made on National Scrapbook Day Weekend.

Last October, AJ and I went to the DMV and instead of taking the bus home, we decided to rent these bikes. They have them all over Chicago, you rent them at an automatic station, then you bring them back to any other station (there was supposed to be one less than a half mile from our apartment!) It was a really fun trip!

 I used lots of scraps for this page!

I love this little "tag". I traced a shipping tag onto some pretty patterned paper and tied it with some twine. It just seemed so fall-y!

AJ and I watched the Mets vs. Phillies game last night. Which is never ever a good idea! He is a huge Phillies fan, and I'm an even bigger Mets fan, so things can get ugly!

Of course, we will be watching again tonight :)

Have a great Tuesday!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

too cute! and what a fun day!

Schell said...

Love this layout! How nice to be able to use scraps too :o) Looks like a fun day! Hugs!

MG Atwood said...

Super cute tag, as well as page!

ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

That is a great fall page and I love the little tag tied with twine! I love those bikes for rent. We saw them all over Montreal. What a great idea! to rent them instead of taking the bus!!
I hope it didn't get 'too' ugly last night..heehee. Obviously I wasn't watching the game so I don't even know the outcome!

Tracy said...

I never heard of renting bikes, what a neat idea.
Great layout :)
I think its funny that you cheer for the opposite teams, teehee.

Becky said...

Awesome that you were able to use so many scraps for this page! The shipping tag is my favorite!!

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