Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Project Life 25 {Week 1}

Yesterday, I shared my Project Life title page. Today I'm sharing my first week.

The first week of Project Life was actually a very adventurous one for us, and totally out of the ordinary. It was the week we were in St. Lucia!
The first page of the layout focuses on getting to St. Lucia and our first day there. I love the picture AJ took of me taking a picture (since that's what I was doing on most of the vacation!)

I used one of the smaller inserts (this one is 12 x 10) to show pictures of our catamaran ride. It was such a fun day, I thought it deserved its own page!

On the back side of the catamaran insert, I decided to show pictures from around the resort.

The last 12x12 page is a mish-mash of everything, pictures from the resort, pictures of us, the bottom left picture is from the catamaran ride.

I am really loving Project Life. While I still created a book about our vacation (which I will be sharing next week), I love that I was able to include some of the pictures that didn't make it into the vacation album.

Well, its only Tuesday, but it feels like it should be much later in the week! Yesterday was the students' last day of school, so I'm going to spend today cleaning my classroom. I was hoping to see Venus crossing the sun later today, but I have a doctor's appointment at 6:30, right when it is happening! Were you planning on checking out the transit? I recently read that it is supposed to be very bad luck, do you believe that it will bring bad luck? I'm not sure what I think, but that idea makes me feel a little better about not being able to see it!


ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

Your vacation looked so wonderful! My favorite is the one of you taking a picture!! So cute!! The whole resort and trip looked like so much fun and you guys really soaked it all up!!
It does feel like it should be later in the week but I have so much to do, I should be happy it's only Tuesday! Don't know if I'll catch Venus or not. I will try! I hope it's not bad luck!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Wow - great pages and photos! Can't wait to see Week 2!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks fantastic!!!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

What a great week for Project Life!!!
And I love how you journaled directly on the photos. That is a great idea for weeks when I want to use more photos.

Started PL this week. But mine is more of a "while you were gone" album for my husband :)

Tracy said...

Great layouts :)
Did you journal directly on the photos or did you get them printed up like that?
Love the photo of you taking a photo and also the one of the two of you singing :)

Becky said...

I love all the different sized pages you have! My favorite is 6x12, I really use that one a lot. Love the pic AJ took of you too :)

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