Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridesmaids Dresses

So, I've apparently forgotten how to schedule posts...

Last Wednesday, we went to get my bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses. I have pictures of me in my dress, but AJ's asked me not to post them here, in case something happens and he accidentally sees them! He is really serious about not seeing any part of my bridal look before the wedding!

But, I can show you the bridesmaids dresses!

I really wanted my maid of honor to be in a different dress than the rest of the girls, because I wanted her to stand out a bit. At her wedding, the dresses had sashes, so I wore a silver sash and everyone else wore purple, and I really liked that. But, my dresses didn't have sashes, so she got a different dress.

Originally, I planned on short dresses, but Liz and my mom suggested we just try a few long dresses - and I loved them. So now we are going with gowns!

We chose this gown for the bridesmaids. Only the strap won't be there, it is detachable, and I don't love the flowers for a fall wedding!
 And this gown for Liz:
 And this is what they look like next to each other!
(Please ignore my crazy hair, I'd been trying on all different veils for about 45 minutes before this!)

Now, those aren't the colors for the dresses. The colors were kind of an issue.

Originally, I had picked loden for the girls' dresses. It was a dark green. But then all I could think was that the loden dresses with my rust orange flowers would look like a St. Patrick's Day wedding!

I was so upset that I was still thinking about this on Saturday. So, my mom and I went back to Macy's and looked at the dresses again. Stephanie, my consultant, was so helpful. She took a bunch of burnt orange and rust ribbons and held them up next to my dress. Then she held up a loden green bridesmaid gown next to my dress. And my mom saw St. Patrick's Day.

So, I decided that we needed to pick a different color!

After about an hour of debating, and a mini bridal crying breakdown (because this was the first decision for the wedding I had trouble with!) I decided to go with the color spice!

I like it so so much better than the green, and now I'm very very happy with the bridesmaids dresses!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

just beautiful!! and oh do i love spice!!!! great choice

Becky said...

Beautiful! Love that you picked something different for your Maid of Honor! Is her dress spice too, or a different color? I got confused, and of course I need to know, because I feel like I'm making all these decisions with you. Hahahaha! :) I'm so sorry you got upset, but thrilled everything worked out!

ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

Gorgeous! I love the spice!!! It just reminds me of a pumpkin spiced latte and pumpkin bread. So awesome that your dresses are picked out and you're all so happy with them.

Tracy said...

Those dresses are gorgeous.
I like the idea of the bridesmaid being in a bit of a different dress.
Love the colour choices. Perfect for your fall wedding.
So sweet that AJ is following tradition :)

Tracy said...

I meant the maid of honour.....can you tell I had never planned a wedding before. Eloped yup thats the way I went ;)

sandee said...

The dresses are beautiful and the spice color is perfect. You always make me smile, lol, ok so I really giggled at the mini melt down about choosing a color...silly girl, relax, your wedding will be beautiful just cause you're in it! waving hi from the awesome hills of North Carolina :)

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