Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome Summer: Revisited

I can't believe it is August already! Where did the summer go? I have to be back at school in just two weeks!

I thought it would be fun to revisit my summer list and see what I've actually done, and what I need to do in the next two weeks!

Eat lunch on the beach, with a coke from a can
Go to restore yoga
Bike the lakefront trail
Have my morning tea on the roof
Get a tan
Get a library card in Chicago
Clean and reorganize the bedroom
Make homemade ice pops
Go to the farmer's market
Take pictures

Finish the blue and white blanket
Hang out by the pool in Cutchogue
Drink a vanilla coke

Okay, so that's not terrible! I only have 3.5 things left to do in the next two weeks! I can get those things done!

Today I'm hoping to be a little crafty - and by a little crafty, I mean, I'm going to finish that blanket I've been crocheting for four years a really long time. I was so close to being done earlier, but I'd missed a stitch and now have to rip out 3 rows! Ugh! But I'll do it while we watch the Olympics tonight!

But first, I'm going to take a walk down to the farmer's market to look around.

Did you get to everything on your summer list?


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I am impressed!
That is a lot accomplished in a few weeks :)
And just wanted to say the bridesmaid dresses are lovely :) They look flattering on, and not all bridesmaid dresses do :)

Becky said...

Wow, you did awesome! I know you'll get the rest of those things done in no time! I can't believe summer is almost over either :( The girls start school two weeks from today! said...

good for you! You've accomplished a lot!! I feel like I haven't done anything!!

How was the farmer's market?

Can't wait to see your blanket!

Uggh!! 2 weeks!! :(

sandee said...

Now how can you reorganize a room but not clean it? lol waving hi from the awesome hills of North Carolina :)

Tracy said...

Good for you, you have done so much of your list :)
You can finish it off.
I hate when you miss a stitch and have to take it apart grrrr.
I never did make a summer list, totally forgot.

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