Monday, October 22, 2012

Law School Layout

Happy Monday everyone!

You might remember last Wednesday I was working on this page during WOYWW.

Fortunately, I hadn't glued any of the letters down yet, because Mary Jo pointed out that I had spelled training wrong in my title! I am not the world's greatest speller, and my brother is always pointing out my spelling mistakes in my journaling, so it would have been pretty ironic if I spelled the title wrong in a page about him!

Journaling: This summer, Tommy had his first law school internship with (where we grew up) County Courts. One morning while I was home, I dropped him off for work. I could help from snapping a few photos as he walked up to the courthouse. I was just so proud of him. Tommy's always been a hard worker, and its so wonderful to see him chasing his dreams and succeeding! Love you T <3 i="i">

I can't believe it is already Monday!

What happened to the weekend? Why do they go so so fast?!

Ours was a little crazy. We drove 4 hours (round trip) to go pumpkin picking...but that is a story for Wednesday :)

Did your weekend fly by too? I hope not! That is so disappointing!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

love this!!! awesome job

Christina said...

I love those letters-great title!
I have to hear this pumpkin picking story! Our weekend was busy-hay rides, lacrosse and soccer games, and a little crafting for me. :)

Heather said...

Oh that is funny! I didn't notice that either! Good thing they weren't glued down but there's always a way around it! Great page
Our weekend did go way too fast!! I'm still in shock that it's Monday!

Tracy said...

This is a great layout.
I really like the line drawing around the photo.
How ironic a teacher that has trouble spelling, teehee. I have an excuse for my bad spelling...I'm not a teacher, teehee.

Dawn said...

Great page! I was proudly showing my friend some of my scrapbook pages when he pointed out I spelled Niagara Falls wrong (I missed the 2nd A) ... At first I was like DISASTER, but decided to keep it spelled wrong. Every time I come across that page, I have to laugh!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

(LOL) Now if I could only catch it on my own pages :)

I love the hand drawn elements on your page!!

Becky said...

This layout turned out AWESOME!!! I love it!!!!! Too funny about the spelling, so glad Mary Jo spotted that! I'm an awful speller too :)

scrappymo! said...

Wonderful glad you linked it this week!

S said...

I popped back to see the finished layout - looks great!

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