Friday, November 2, 2012

Project Life 25 {Week 21}

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm home from work today. While we were in mass at school I stood up in mass, and my legs just gave way. I was able to catch myself (even though I was still very embarrassed!)

But, I was sent home from work and was told to stay home today. I'll be going to the doctor later, so hopefully everything is okay!

Since I think the is all just exhaustion, I plan on spending the day at home catching up on Project Life. Nothing says relaxing like scrapping!

I just completed Week 21. This was such a great week. AJ and I celebrated our -1 Wedding Anniversary, we made slime at school, and we had three birthdays!

Middle Row: Enjoying an Octoberfest Beer ~ The leaves have finally started falling
Bottom Row: My students enjoying their slime

Top Row: Watching the leaves change
Middle Row: Our wedding rings
Bottom Row: My favorite baked cavatelli from Carmine's!

Do you have any plans for this weekend? AJ had a crazy week of interviews and business dinners, so we have barely seen each other all week! He would like to go out for a nice dinner - assuming that I am feeling better of course! Other than that - its a typical weekend, cleaning and errands and all that fun stuff!

Well, I'm off to shower so I can walk to the doctor's office! I'll be back on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

awesome week with PL!!

have a great weekend

Jules said...

Great job on the PL. I hope everything is OK with you. That is kind of scary, but when you are overtired things can definitely creep up on you. Take care of yourself and have a great weekend!

MG Atwood said...

OK, the "mother mode" kicked into full gear. Drink lots of water, eat a little something, and take a nap. Take care of yourself! Drink some more water!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Dawn said...

What MG said!

Becky said...

Oh man, hope everything is okay! Let us know after the Dr. I'll be thinking about you :) Your PL looks great, I like how you took the pics with the little binder clips.

sandee said...

Well, I hope you are OK, and get rested up over the week end! So how many pictures of your wedding rings do you have? ;) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Heather said...

Hope you are feeling better! That baked cavatelli looks sooooo good!!!

Tracy said...

That is a bit scary. I hope everything is okay and it was just a fluke thing.
That happened to my daughter last week when she woke up, I thought maybe her feet were asleep and she just didn't realize it as she is still walking around half asleep in the morning.

Your PL pages look awesome as usual. I like how you sectioned off you photos to fit in the page protectors.

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