Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {12.16.2012}

Before I start sharing my Savenger Hunt Sunday photos, I wanted to take a moment to remember Sandy Hook Elementary School. My thoughts and prayer are with everyone who was affected by this tragedy. 

We had guests come to stay with us, and we tried to do some Christmas-y things in Chicago. Unfortunately, the rain got in our way! We went to Daley Plaza to see the tree and Chriskindlemarket. Even though it was very rainy, the tree still sparkled!

I loved this little entryway in the Tiffany display :)

This plate reflects the lights from our tree. I'm really glad I decided to put in on the entertainment center instead of on the coffee table this year!

All of the booths at the Chriskindlemarket have striped roofs. I had a little trouble capturing it with all of the umbrellas in the way, but I still liked how it came out!

A Few of My Favorite Things
Scrabble, AJ, wine, the tree and Christmas Vacation. Just a few of my favorite things last Sunday evening!

Hopefully AJ and I will be able to go to the Zoo Lights tonight after we drop our friends off at the airport. I was so disappointed that we couldn't go yesterday, but it just wasn't possible in the rain!

I'll be back tomorrow with more December Daily :)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

i am just sick about the conn. tragedy. i still when i think about it begin to cry. I can't imagine those parents picking out caskets right now instead of enjoying their babies during this holiday season.

love your sunday night- BK (before kids) jeff and i would play scrabble or cards- now if we play a board game it is sorry or candyland- LOL!!!

Tamar SB said...

I love door!! Gorgeous set, Katie!

Life with Kaishon said...

That door is too great. WOW! : ) How beautiful is that? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

Nicki said...

Absolutely love the door shot as well as the reflective lights of your decorating.

Heather said...

It is so sad and unthinkable what has happened. I can't stop thinking about it.

Your captures are wonderful! Sparkly is amazing and that Tiffany door is gorgeous! I also love your plate and how it reflects your tree so festively! The stripes at the Christmas Market look very festive as well!

Becky said...

What great pictures!! I hate that the rain got in the way of your Christmasy adventures :( but it sounds, and looks, like you still had a great weekend!!

Ida said...

Beautiful tribute to the Sandy School victims.
Enjoyed your Door Shot and Decorate (very pretty).

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Great photos, Katie!

I am still reeling from the shooting on Friday. I just can't understand.
As a former Kindergarten teacher and mom of a Kindergartener, it just knocked me out on Friday.
I couldn't stop crying at some points or watching the news. But after a while I knew I had to stop and pick up my own from school.

Let me just say, I hugged them so hard when they came out. So many parents were so somber and hugging their kids.
I feel so bad for the families who lost children and other loved ones.

Jules said...

Friday was such a difficult day.....i can't begin to imagine what the parents and families are going through. I share custody of my son with his father so this weekend it was rxtra hard not having Zachary with me, but I squeezed him extra tight when I briefly saw him on Saturday.

As always, your photos are beautiful...I especially love the Christmas tree and the door!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Great hunt. Love that door!

Verna Lantz said...

Oh, what a gorgeous door! I do so love that color. :)

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