Thursday, December 20, 2012

Third Thursday Scrapbook Stories + December Daily {Wednesday, December 19}

Happy Weekend Eve!

This is an especially happy weekend eve, because its the last one that I have to work for two weeks!

I cannot wait for Christmas break :)

This is also a super exciting weekend eve because I have two things on going!

I'm sharing the rest of this 12x12 layout over at A Beautiful Day....

And, I have my December Daily page from yesterday that I'm linking up with Ali Edwards.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm going to go do a snow dance, because right now, we are having lots and lots of rain in Chicago, but no snow!

Do you prefer snow or rain?


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I saw your layout on Beautiful Day already! So cute! :)

Jules said...

What a great teaser to entice everyone to head over to A Beautiful Day....thank you and I love the jokes on the door....such a cute idea!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

left you some love over at beautiful day!

i will do the snow dance for you!! enjoy your last 2 days of school

Becky said...

Burning things in the bathroom???? What the???? I love your door! So cute and such a cute idea. I'm going to check out your layout, hope it snows for you!!

Heather said...

You are a busy girl today!!! Hopefully it'll snow when you're home!! That nutcracker is so cute. What a good idea to do the speech bubbles for your door and chemistry jokes! Love it!

Christina said...

Left you a comment over on Beautiful Day too, but wanted to drop by here. Much prefer snow-it's raining something awful here but they are calling for snow tonight. :) FINALLY!!!
{I'm seriously hoping my boys have a chemistry teacher like you someday.}

Tracy said...

Your door is so fun...I bet I wouldn't get any of those jokes though, lol.
Burning things in the bathroom not good.
Enjoy your weekend.
Oh I prefer snow...only if I don't have to shovel it ;)

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