Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Printer Review {HP Photosmart 6510}

Hi everyone!

I can't believe its already Tuesday! So after explaining all about how I was only going to post on Sundays now and not Mondays, I ended up not posting on either.

Sunday morning, I woke up with a fever and it still hasn't gone away. I didn't go to work Monday or today! But at least I have an appointment with the doctor today. It is definitely the flu (you know, because I diagnosed myself via flu.gov)

Being home and being really sick is no fun. I haven't been able to get off the couch, let alone do anything at all.

So, no crafting for me.

But, I can still print my pictures from my couch thanks to my new printer!

Originally, I was going to get a Canon Selphy, until I found out it doesn't work with Windows 8. So I had to go searching for a different one!

I've always had an HP printer, so I decided to go with another HP one.

This time, I got the HP Photosmart 6510 all in one eprinter. It does everything! And wirelessly :)

But most importantly, the pictures come out great. And my favorite part is that I don't have to leave my apartment, let alone my couch!

Maybe today I will get a little crafting done. But if not, I'll definitely be able to print out my pictures!

Do you prefer to print your pictures at home, or do you order them?

Disclaimer: I was not provided with anything for this review. I just got a new printer so I was excited :)


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I'm so sorry you are sick!
I hope you feel better soon!

We have the HP Photosmart 7510 and frankly it sounds like it isn't as great as the 6510. The wireless component won't work where we want it to. So still needs to be hooked up to the computer. And frankly the photos aren't that great. At least on photo paper. They have lines in them :(
That was the main reason I wanted it. To print photos at home. But when I print photos on cardstock, they actually come out ok.

Heather said...

I hope you start feeling better today. It is no fun to be home and sick! Just take it easy. I rarely print out photos on my printer, I'm too stingy with my ink. lol!! I like ordering them through Shutterfly and getting them sent to my door but in a pinch I will print some out. Yours look really nice, I might have to reconsider!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

congrats on your new printer! looks awesome!!!!

hope you feel better!!

Becky said...

I hope you get better soon... Love your new picture up there!!! Your new printer is awesome!! I always use to print and have the pictures delivered, but now I always print from home and I think, why fight I do this sooner ?? :)

sandee said...

I have HP's too, and have been very happy with them. Next printer I'll get will be a wireless, but I prefer my photos to be printed elsewhere, I've never liked buying a ton of ink! lol ♥ waving hi from the soggy hills of North Carolina :)

Anonymous said...

I hope it turns out well! I had a 5510 that I had to get a warranty replacement twice for and then gave up on it. It printed very nice pictures but every so often it would start printing everything orange. The wireless is fantastic though - I'll never go back to a non wifi printer!

Tracy said...

Love your new header Katie :)
That is such a fun photo, happy you like your new printer...not happy that you aren't feeling well.
Sending you healthy thoughts :)

Benita Bolland said...

Gosh! I’ve actually been saving up for this printer! But I’m glad you have one already. :) I just love how smooth it looks, and it’s got some pretty expensive functions too. The clear print and exceptional printing speed definitely won me over. Although, it falls a bit a short with connectivity, as it doesn’t have a USB port. But I think I’m okay with transferring files to print to an SD card first. All for this! :)

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