Friday, February 1, 2013

Project Life 25 {Week 33}

I am so happy that it is Friday!

Did you play along with Ali Edward's "Day in the Life" yesterday?

I did, thinking it would be a typical day. But it was anything but!

The morning started out normally, until I was going back to my classroom with my newly-made cup of tea. I'm not sure if they door got stuck, or if it opened too easily or what, but that newly made cup of tea ended up being on my neck, chest and stomach!

The burns looked terrible, and I rushed to the doctor. But fortunately, most of them were superficial. There are a few spots that are worse, but nothing that won't go away!

But wow - what a start to my Day in the Life!

I'm excited to start adding the Day in the Life inserts to my Project Life pages though.

But until I can work on that, I finally finished up my Project Life pages about Christmas!

I realized I didn't take very many pictures on Christmas, so I used lots of free printables to fill in the blanks (these can be found here)
Top Row: AJ and I by the Christmas tree
Middle Row/Bottom Row: My "trendy" Christmas Eve outfit ~ A gigantic box of chocolates!

Please excuse the big block here. I included a picture of my mom's dress for my wedding, but she's asked me not to post it on the internet!
But, there are two pictures you can see. The ridiculous power outlet I had to use at O'Hare. There were no plugs anywhere, so I found this on in a boarding lane and was allowed to sit and charge until the plane boarded!
And that other picture is of a cheesesteak...and a stick! AJ and I ordered from one of our {former} favorites in Chicago, and when AJ bit into his cheesesteak this time, he found a stick! What is that about?!

I am really relieved to be done with December, and I'm really looking forward to this month's Project Life pages. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday to decorate for, and to celebrate. I love how cheerful it is!

And of course, the Super Bowl is on Sunday. The commercials are my favorite part, aside from the yummy snacks!

Do you have any plans for Super Bowl Sunday this weekend? I am trying to put together a menu of fun snacks, if you have a favorite Super Bowl treat, let me know in the comments!


Heather said...

Oh no!! That sounds awful!! I'm glad the burns are superficial. Yikes!! That sure was an eventful day!!
My daughter is off from school today for a teacher inservice so we are having a girls day and getting our nails done and going to lunch.
Your Christmas pages are great! Love your trendy outfit. You look great! That is a HUGE box of chocolate. Uggh a stick in your cheesesteak does not sound like fun. Poor AJ!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Jules said...

So sorry about those burns....and glad that they weren't too bad. I have not seen Ali's Day in the Life, but I better not add one more thing to the project The wedding invites that I am addressing have kind of derailed my scrapping schedule, but hopefully I will be back in track the beginning of next week. Have a great weekend!

Becky said...

A stick in AJ's cheese steak??? That's crazy! Glad your burns are healing up. This is cause to go buy a new, fun tea cup with a lid!! :) Love your outfit and dang, that box of chocolates is gigantic!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Oh my goodness, Katie, I am glad you were not seriously hurt! I am sure it was bad enough though.

And gross, a stick?! Yikes.
Great PL pages. Now I am really looking forward to seeing your mom's dress :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh wow what a day! hope your burns are feeling better

i can't wait for the super bowl ads!!! totally love them!!

have a great weekend!

sandee said...

Hope your burns are feeling better, that had to be a little scary! Thanks for the Super Bowl reminder, I just like to watch commercials, I don't even know who's playing, lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Gita said...

Yikes. That must've been awful!! Glad it's not that bad. And a stick in your cheesesteak? Ugh. I'll probably be playing with new "toys" Sunday after going to stamp show Saturday. :-)

Alison Scott said...

Try some aloe vera on your burns.
Love your Christmas pages.
Have fun with your Superbowl Sunday.
I am babysitting my 2 year old grandaughter this Saturday so Sunday is clean then rest day! !!

Tracy said...

Ohh my, I hope you are feeling better after your burn...not good.
Your pages are great as always.
I planned on working on my Project 365 at my 15hour crop..but didn't like how they were turning put it away.
As for the super bowl..hubby and I are away to celebrate our 25th anniversary..he is watching the super bowl (he's not a big sports fan, but enjoys watching the big games) so he put on a fire and I am checking my emails ;)
Romantic isn't it, lol.

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