Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 5 {January} aka. The Valentine's Edition

Happy Weekend Eve!

I am so happy that it is Thursday, this week is just flying by. And so is the month of January! I can't believe that February is just around the corner!

At the end of the month, I usually take a few minutes to look back at what I've done, and look forward to what I am going to do. I thought that this would be a good time to make a Top 5 list - because who doesn't love a good list!

This month, in honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I would share 5 pins that I love for Valentine's Day! Some I've made, some I plan on making, some I want to make, but my wedding dress thinks I should hold off on them (I'm looking at you Reese's blondies!)

5. Paper Heat Trees I haven't made these yet, but I think it would be so much fun! If I can find some construction paper, I may make one for my classroom!
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4. LOVE I made this last Valentine's Day (but without the banner...because I don't like the Beatles. Please don't hate me forever!)
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My version:

3. Sweetheart Wreath Confession: I probably won't make this (I want to, but with the move coming up, I don't think I should be making more decorations that will need to be packed up!) But, my mom, who is also super crafty, does plan on making this! If she does, I'll ask her to send me a picture!
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Every love story is beautiful... I totally made this last year. It currently is on display in our apartment. I think it was my first pinterest project ever, now I think of it!
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My version:

(Sorry about the weird camera angle, I'm not sure what I was doing!)

1. Heart Cupcakes I am definitely making these! I'll share pictures when I do!
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And a bonus, because who doesn't love a bonus! All the Reese's desserts that I want to make, but will be good and not make!
Marshmallow Reeses Blonde Brownies - peanut butter blonde brownies with Reese pieces and marshmallow can't stop at just one #Reeses #blondebrownies
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I am already excited to get home and start creating after looking at all of these pictures! I hope work goes by quickly today!

Do you create lists or goals for things you want to create each month?


Alison Scott said...

Love your list. The wreath is very cute.
I also like the heart cones very much.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

love all the ideas! so totally fun!! (ssshhhhh , i don't like the beatles either LOL!!!)

oh and i love the reece's items! yum!!

Jules said...

Love all your Valentine goodies.....especially that cute! Like you, I am kind of in moving limbo so I don't think that there will be much in the way of decorating for Valentine's this year, but that doesn't stop me from scouring Pinterest for ideas for next year.

sandee said...

I loved all your pins, but I'm a Beetles fan so I think the banner is just AWESOME!! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Heather said...

February is tomorrow, girl! :)
These are all great pins and I like revisiting the ones you've already done. The sweetheart wreath is so cute, I hope your crafty mom does make it! Oh those Reeses treats both look so good!!

Becky said...

Holy Reece's Batman! Now I'm hungry ;) I'm totally inspired by your pics today (yesterday)! I'm hoping to be crafty this weekend, but we are supposed to work on the basement and start getting ready to move my craft room, which may put me out of commission.

Tracy said...

Great finds :)
I love the projects that you had made from the pins :)

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