Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Life 25 {Week 35}

Yay! I am so glad that it is Friday!

This has been a crazy long week!

And I have been incredibly behind on my Project Life. Actual life with all its packing got in the way of crafting. And that was just no fun!

But last night, AJ got stuck at work until almost midnight, so while I waited for him, I was able to work on my Project Life!

I'm so far behind that these pages are from January. I could barely remember what I did that week!

Okay, this page just makes me hungry!
Pictures: Jake Melnick's parmesean and garlic fries ~ Bbq pulled chicken and waffle fries  from Bub City ~ AJ and I enjoying a night out...less than 12 hours before I got the flu!

 I didn't have very many pictures from this week. Just my computer on my heater and my view from the couch while I was sick.

But I really love the word paper that was part of the cobalt kit, and I outlined some of my favorite words from this piece!

Hopefully I can work on some more Project Life this weekend, after I pack some more boxes, of course :)

What are your plans for this weekend? Hopefully they are more exciting than mine!


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That page made me hungry too! Garlic-parm fries!! oh my goodness!!
You did a good job remembering what you did that week. Sorry you were sick!
I don't have any big plans this weekend but hoping for some fun!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

you pl looks awesome- those fries look so yummy!! now i wish i packed something good for lunch today- LOL

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I love how you outlined the words on the paper!
I thought it came like that at first :)

Jules said...

Garlic parmesan fries....sounds like a meal to me! Glad you got going on PL again. I thought of you the other day when I was on Becky Higgins you follow it? This lady (who just so happens to live in Chicago), PL'd some of her wedding photos and I know you said you were going to do your own album....I LOVED the way it turned out. Here is a link in case you haven't seen it:

Sorry that I got off topic. Hope you have a great weekend...mine is going to be filled with a lot of packing....uuuggghhh! I am also scoping out a place for my most favorite photograph....I got new bedding and I think that it may be my bedroom! :)

Gita said...

fried pickles are tasty. those fries sound sooo good. hope you get some work done this weekend!! :-)

Becky said...

Oh man, I just got home from work and your page is making my tummy growl!! :) I'm so glad you're getting caught up!!

Tracy said...

As always great pages :)
Good luck with your packing.
I am planning on going on a little family weekend trip ;)

sandee said...

Just stopping to say hi....and now I'm hungry too! lol Looking for snacks from the hills of North Carolina ♥

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