Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WOYWW {03.06.2013}

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is the day that we all share our desk's over at Julia's.

Only my desk is in the middle of being packed up! But we are not going to talk about that that...because if I think about how all of my crafty supplies are being put into boxes not to be seen by me again until the last week of March, I will go home and unpack all those boxes and insist that we take all my crafts in the car with us!

But this desk is being cleaned for happier reasons! A new teacher will be starting on March 11. And who doesn't want a new clean desk for their new job? I know I would!

What's on your desk today?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

When we moved to our house over three years ago I had my stuff packed up for about a month and then I didn't unpack them for like 3 months - it was crazy!

You will do fine!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

It will be here before you know it!!
Look how fast 2013 is going already :)

I am still unpacking from my weekend crop. But plan to work more on my Florida album after I do!

Gita said...

the end of March will be here before you know it. And, it's always nice to unpack and everything be organized again. :-)

Jules said...

You know that I am right there with you! I will be packing mine up this weekend and trust me....I am seriously freaked out. So sweet of you to get the desk all tidied up for the next teacher. Are you really sad to leave your kids?

Ria Gall said...

wish I could let you come and craft with me while your stuff is packed away for your move
Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
Ria #39

susibee said...

Oh dear:( Still, it's not long now.

Happy WOYWW! Susi #84

Becky said...

We need to think of a good craft you can do between now and when you leave! Something that will pack up quickly! Haha! I know you're hoping to work on your wreath in the car, but you need something in the interim ;)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You're going to be in craft withdrawal if you don't find something like Becky says above! :)

How nice of you to clean up the desk for the new teacher I like your VB bag..I think it's VB. So cute!!

Christina said...

Loving that Happy Snails Vera bag. :) You'll be in LA before you know it. Just think about how organized you'll be when you unpack.

Alison Scott said...

How good of you to clean for your replacement.
Won't be long before you are in your new home. Such excitement for you!
I'm late visiting for WOYWW as was offline yesterday,
Have a good week

Alison Scott said...

How nice of you to clean for your replacement.
Not long now till the big move - such an exciting time for you.
I'm late visiting for WOYWW as was offline yesterday,
Have a good week

Tracy said...

I think you need a note pad and a good pencil, so if you can't actually can draw out your ideas.
I love your quilted purse..I think I need one ;)

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