Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project Life 2013 {07.22 - 07.28 + 07.29 - 08.04 + 08.05 - 08.11}

Hi everyone!

Did you have a great weekend? We did.

During the weekend, I thought we got absolutely nothing done, but while I was reading Becky's post, I realized we actually did a lot more than I thought.

Unfortunately, despite my plans, crafting wasn't one of those things.

But that didn't stop me from breaking out my Project Life things last night (and this morning!) and finally crafting again for the first time since the wedding!

It was so fun to break out my crafty things again. This is going to be a very long day away waiting for work to end so I can get back to crafting!

07.22-07.28 Home + Out East + Bachelorette Party
Left side pictures: Enjoying lunch at the pool ~ Wearing my "BRIDE" t-shirt while doing wedding crafting ~ Benny wearing a sock after cutting his foot (he was okay, it was a tiny cut, it just was bleeding as he walked on it on the floor)
Right side pictures: Farmer's Market ~ Painting my nails at the bachelorette party ~ Enjoying some wine in the pool ~ Bridal party bachelorette t-shirts ~ Beach ~ The girls at a winery

Left side pictures: Traveling ~ Not buying cherry tomatoes at Target because they were out! ~ A bachelorette party inspired spa basket
Right side pictures: More traveling ~ And even more traveling! ~ AJ at the driving range

Left side pictures: Baked Potato Soup ~ Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins ~ At the bowling alley
Right side pictures: Setting up my classroom ~ The apartment all cleaned up ~ More classroom set up ~ Bowling again! ~ My extremely messy desk

I am still playing some serious catch up with Project Life! But I am hoping to finish up the rest of August this week, and maybe even September too :)

Well, I better go jump in the shower before work! See you all tomorrow!

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

loving your pages!! your poor little pup cutting his foot! he looks adorable with a sock on!!

Jules said...

So glad to see some new PL pages. I am getting ready for my big scrap retreat next weekend and I am so excited!!!!

Becky said...

I'm so happy you're back to crafting again!! I bet it feels great! I always love following along with your Project Life, these pages are no exception :) you're starting a new album in January, right? I may not get any crafting in until the weekend, but I'm sure thinking about it! Thanks for the shot out!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

It is fun to get back to a project after it has been awhile. I'm finally scrapping again too! I'm determined to finish our 2011 photos! I bet you don't feel that behind now. :)
Love all of the bachelorette weekend photos..and how cute of Benny. Glad he was ok!
What a year this has been for you guys!

Tracy said...

I love you project life pages :)
Such an exciting time those weeks were.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Hope you had a great day at work!
I actually subbed in third grade at my kids school today. I have never taught higher than first, so that was a new experience for me, but fun :)

Great PL pages!
Hope you were able to get some crafting time in tonight.

Gita said...

Not too behind! I'm still working on a trip I took back in Dec '09. LOL.

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