Monday, January 27, 2014

Project Life 2013 {12.16 - 12.22 & 12.23 - 12.29 & 12.30 - 12.31}

How was your weekend?

We had a snow day on Friday. There was a light dusting of snow, so the whole area shut down - no school, roads were closed, the whole nine yards.

But, I got an unexpected three day weekend, so I'm not going to complain!

And, AJ was out of town this weekend, so you know I spent most of it scrapping!

I was finally able to finish my 2013 Project Life (well, except for the wedding week...that's still a work in progress! I can't decide which pictures I want to use!)

The third week of December was awesome because we had parties at school (complete with tree skirt skirts!) Then, AJ and I flew out to New York, where we ate dinner at Peter Luger's, watched Ben terrorize the poor Christmas tree Santas, played board games by the tree (my favorite!) and found AJ's old baby pictures!

We tried to get as many Christmas things in as possible Christmas week. We went to the city to see the tree, went to Greenport, made struffoli with my Nonni and had a big family Christmas party!

Since we did so many Christmas things, I decided to give Christmas Eve and Christmas day their own inserts. We had a very quiet Christmas, but it was so much fun hanging around with family, and even seeing some Christmas Eve snow!

There were a few different approaches to the last week of 2013 and the first of 2014. Some people had December 30 - January 5 as the last week of their 2013, others made it the first of their 2014. I decided to keep December 30 and 31 in my 2013 album, and start mid week for 2014. Since it was a "week" of only two days, I dedicated one page per day. But that wasn't hard, since they were both big days - one was AJ's birthday and the other New Year's Eve!

And of course, my last page of the album. I just followed the Clementine kit suggestions for the last page - I always follow the suggestions for the first and last pages!

And now I can get started with my 2014 album! I'm going to order the pictures to be printed this week - I can't wait!

Are you catching up on any 2013 projects before moving on to 2014?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

The holidays seem so long ago now! It's fun reliving them because they go so quickly. I like how you ended your 2013 and then started 2014 with the 2 day week. I'm sure I would have done the same. The last page is SO cute! Love it all!
Yay for a 3 day weekend AND a snow day in Louisiana--that's pretty awesome.

Laura said...

I'm still finishing up Project Life for 2013. I got stalled a while back and still have to do November and December. I'm not particularly worried about it . . . but have to make sure I'm making a few notes for January, since I won't get there for a while.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

so happy that you got a snow day!! how fun!
we have another one today--this is our 8th- we didn't get snow but the temps are -25-- brrrr

Becky said...

Don't you feel awesome that you finished!! I loved looking back through my album. I love how you gave the 30th and 31st their own pages. Great solutions! I always follow the directions for the first and last pages too! Can't wait for your 2014 pages!

Tracy said...

Your pages are awesome!
Such a great feeling to be complete with this project, I am sure.
I am going to start on my Project 365 when I go to my yearly 15 hour crop :)

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