Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wedding Week + Rehearsal Dinner {Wedding Recaps}

The week before the wedding, I actually went to work on Monday! I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking, because it would have been much easier to fly home over the weekend, and things probably wouldn't have been as rushed. But that's what I did!

I ended up taking the first flight out on Tuesday morning. My mom picked me up bright and early from the airport - with a bunch of celebratory balloons.

We had a million things to do! My mom brought along our Out of Town goodie bags. They already were filled with water bottles and snacks, but we wanted to add a timeline to all of the bags.

I also really wanted to add these door hangers, but we ran into a problem - my circle hole punch broke when I was trying to punch them! So we ran to Michael's straight from the airport, bought a new punch, and I punched them as we were driving to the hotel!

It was kind of a stressful mess doing it that way, but I'm so glad we got them done. I was so so excited about including these in our hotel bags. 

And the day after the wedding - my mom told me she saw a whole bunch of them hanging up in the hallway of the hotel!

Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to New York without this...

The rest of the week was filled with errands...

My last bridal dress fitting, dropping off those hotel bags and filling out lots and lots of notes for our venue about what I was dropping off!

We decorated the house with wedding decor that my mom made!

We also made lots and lots of decor for the wedding. Even though we'd already made a lot, like the banners, escort card tree, and guest book, there was a lot left to make.

Like wrapping the mums in burlap and ribbon, writing up our favorite drinks on the chalk board and making the mason jar center pieces!

We took a time out from all the wedding craziness to celebrate my brother's birthday. Because this is not Sixteen Candles.

Friday morning, all of the groomsmen showed up so we could all go get the tuxes. This was probably the most stressful part of wedding planning for me.

In a matter of minutes, the number of people in the house doubled and I got pretty overwhelmed.

And it didn't help that I'd been worried about the tuxes from Day 1. The tuxes were really the only thing that gave us trouble. After a few issues with the major tux shops, we decided to go with Advanced Tuxedo in Rockville Centre (where my dad got the tuxes for my parents wedding 30 years ago!) I was so worried about the guys mailing in their measurements from all over the country.

I am so so glad that we went with Advanced. Some of the tuxes didn't fit perfectly based on the mailed in measurements. They just ran to the back, got new pants, new vests, new jackets, whatever was needed and brought them out to the guys. They were able to do alterations right then and there, while we were in the shop. In the end, all of the guys looked great, and I was worried for nothing!

After the tux fitting, we ran home to get ready for the rehearsal dinner!

Well, before the dinner we had to practice the ceremony. It was funny being in the church, at night, when it was only us there! But we practiced quickly...

signed lots of big important papers...

and headed off to eat, drink, toast and laugh before the big day!

Before I knew it, I was home getting ready for bed with my maid of honor and bridesmaid and it was technically already October 5!

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

lloks like you had a super week!! i didn't really scrap when hubby and i got married so i don't have any of the fun photos- enjoy them

Jules said...

So many wonderful little details that made your day did a wonderful job!

Tracy said...

I got a laugh at your "16 Candles" comment too funny.
I think you should become a wedding planner.
I eloped and would never have thought of half the things you did, so neat.
I love the door hangers, glad you got to get them completed.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

this is so fun, Katie!
I love the little itinerary and the door hangers.
And you looked beautiful! :)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

This could have been 6 posts, there was so many great photos and fun information in it!! :)
You were so busy but I love all the little personal touches you added from the out of towner gift bags, time lines and door hangers to your rehearsal dinner invitations and all the things you and your mom did and made for the wedding. Wow!!!
I love your rehearsal dinner dress!!
How sweet that you remembered your brother's birthday unlike in 16 candles! Loved that reference!
And now I want pizza..............

Becky said...

What a fun recap of your week! I'm so glad the tuxes worked out okay! I love all of the decorations and little touches you included, like the door hangers. So cute!! After all that planning, and it was suddenly here!

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