Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Egg Wreath + Mantle {Home Decor}

Happy Thursday!

I am thrilled to report that this week is almost over! Not that its been a bad week, I'm just really looking forward to the weekend. AJ had to work the past two weekends, and last weekend I was in California, so it will be nice to have a regular weekend together!

Its also Palm Sunday weekend, which means that it is almost Easter!

Easter is the first "big" holiday that we've had the house, so I was really excited to decorate for it. Seriously, if I was this thrilled over Easter, Christmas is going to be insane!

I've never actually decorated for Easter before, so I started with making a wreath for our front door.

This one was super easy. I followed this tutorial pretty much exactly.

I had glue sticks and cardboard laying around, so all I needed were the eggs, which I got in a big giant bag from Target for $2. Oh, and the Easter grass. I had some, but it was blue and I wanted purple, so I got some of that at Target too.

I really wanted to create a pattern, so I laid everything out to make sure I had the right number of colors.

And then I started gluing everything down.

And before I knew it, we had a pretty new wreath for our front door.

And I had about a zillion eggs left over. So I decided to fill up my Ikea lanters + create an egg garland for the mantle. I love how cheerful it looks.

Now I just need to hold off on making the Easter baskets for another week. I've been dyyyying to make it for a while now, ever since I bought the candy for it!

Also, in an entirely unrelated to Easter comment, I just wanted to point out the artwork on the mantle. One of the things I love about it is that it was all  handmade, and all give to us as gifts! The awesome monogram frame is from Jules, the maps were a bridal shower gift from a friend and the wedding frame was a Christmas gift made by my brother and his girlfriend!

Do you decorate for Easter, or do you just do a general spring theme? I am going to switch everything over to spring during my spring break!

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Becky said...

Oh my gosh Katie, I LOVE this wreath!! It turned out so adorable!!! Also love the garland and the lanterns look so festive!! Didn't Julie do an awesome job?? Sometimes I decorate for Easter, but not this year...

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

The wreath is so cool! I love how it pops! I might have to make one next year. Pinning it! Your mantel looks fabulous too and I love how you filled the lanterns with eggs. All the special gifts on your mantel are great!

Tracy said...

your wreath is so cute :)
I want to make one now :)
I think I can finally get the outdoor Christmas decor down as the snow has melted enough for me to dig them out of it, lol.
I should share how Ashley decorated her mantle.
Love how you did yours :)

Nirupama said...

This is a fab wreath! All I have out are a few nesting dolls (also from Target). I keep eyeing the premade eggs wreath at Target but have been good so far. You make this one look too easy!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

ummm...that is the cutest Easter wreath I have ever seen! And I love how you filled up the lanterns.
I wanted some lanterns like that but didn't want to put them outside. I like them by the fireplace like that!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a great wreath!
i am so ready fo rthe weekend as well! 5 more hours and then i can drive home and get my boys!! oh yeah!

Jules said...

That Easter wreath is absolutely precious....and I love how you did the grass filler! So stinkin' cute! And oh my goodness, your mantel looks great....and the colors I used to make your initial were totally glad that worked out!

Lesli Giertuga said...

Katie how on Earth do you get it all done???
I love the new decor - my fav was the eggs in the lantern ,,,, and 2 weeks of project life in the previous post ... you go girl .

Gita said...

What a cute wreath....great job!!

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