Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reception Decor: Burlap Banners {Wedding Recaps}

For me, one of the most exciting things about wedding planning was the decor.

I had a really specific idea in mind for our reception decor, and it involved burlap banners.

Fortunately, before our engagement photo shoot, I perfected my technique for creating no sew burlap bunting.

And you know I put that good use for the wedding!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
Basically, you need:
  • burlap
  • felt
  • marker
  • iron on bonding 
  • twine
  • iron + ironing board
  • kitchen towel
  • stencil
  • acrylic paint + paint brush

Once upon a time, I created a tutorial with pictures. This is just an updated version of it.
  1. Trace a bunting shape onto your felt + cut it out.
  2. Lay one felt bunting piece on your ironing board. Place a strip of Stitch Witchery along each side of the triangle.
  3. Now is a great time to add the twine so it is “sewn” into the bunting. Just lay a piece across the top of your bunting. Be sure to leave enough to tie your bunting on one side, and enough to add the other bunting pieces on the other.
  4. Carefully place a piece of burlap on top of the bunting. Be careful not to knock off the Stitch Witchery or twine! Iron as directed.
  5. Cut out your bunting using the felt as a guide. Be very very very careful not to cut the twine!
  6.  Repeat until all of your pieces are cut out. Just keep lining them up along the same piece of twine, and when you get to the end. Trim so you have enough to tie your bunting on this side too.
  7. Stencil on your phrase with the acrylic paint + sponge brush.
  8. And then use the bunting everywhere you possibly can think of!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
Like for the card box. This Michael's crate got a coat of dark orange paint on the outside + two dowels + a banner for a quick and easy (and inexpensive!) card box!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
You can add burlap to the head table. Yeah, I know its backwards...but AJ is a lefty, so we sat "backwards" at our reception so we weren't banging into each other the whole time we tried to eat!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
And of course a fireplace needs a touch of burlap bunting. And the extra burlap fabric is perfect wrapped around potted mums, with a fall themed ribbon.

Do you ever create your own buntings or banners? What do you use them for?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love all of your wedding decor but the burlap buntings were definitely stars! You did a great job with them. I like how you switched up the Mrs & Mr one. Are you using any of them in your home decor?

Jules said...

The burlap bunting scattered throughout the reception was the perfect touch to tie your theme all together! They look great!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

your banners look amazing!!!! how perfect they are!!

Tracy said...

Your reception decor looks lovely
I love your burlap banners, so sweet :)

Becky said...

You sure did perfect these before the wedding! I remember you working on them :) Mike is lefty too so I feel your pain ;) I absolutely love that card box!! Adorable!

Gita said...

How pretty! Love the burlap banners. The one for the cards is just too cute.

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