Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reception Decor: Centerpieces + Table Numbers {Wedding Recaps}

So you already know that I went crazy with burlap at the reception

But that wasn't the only thing we decorated with.

I also went a little crazy with mason jars.

Seriously, I have no idea how James, our maitre'd, understood everything I wanted for this wedding. I dropped off boxes and boxes of burlap and mason jars and chalkboards and a tree with three pages of hand written notes and he managed to make it look exactly like I imagined.

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
I really didn't want flowers for our centerpieces. I had my heart set on mason jars filled with candles. And we used them everywhere. On the tables, in the bathroom, on the fireplaces. I loved how it made the room seem so romantic.

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
Of course, the table numbers needed a little bit of burlap too. These were so easy - a bit of burlap, some paint, a stencil and $1 frames from Michael's. But they added a perfect pop of color to the room. We made them in three colors - this orange, a darker, more metallic rust and brown.

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
We also found a lot of fun things from Pinterest for the tables. This "thank you" was one of the first things I pinned for the wedding. We printed it on the back of our menus, so one would be placed at every seat.

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
The I Spy cards came from Pinterest too. We really wanted people to instagram pictures from the wedding, and thought this would be a fun way for people who weren't sure what to photograph to get in on the action!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
And these pumpkins...these pumpkins were one of my favorite crafts. Of course, I found the idea on Pinterest. They didn't just decorate the gift table, but their other appearance is a surprise for later :)

Is Pinterest one of your go to sources of inspiration too? Leave me your Pinterest profile name - I'm always looking for new people to follow!

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

everything looks so beautiful!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Katie - I am just in awe of how fun your wedding was. So many special and unique details! Makes me look forward to Erin's wedding (way down the road) cause then I will have another chance to maybe help her plan something fun and unique :)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You guys had so many fun and personal touches to your decor and your entire day!! I love those thank you notes on the table and I Spy game is so fun!!
Those mason jars with the candles do add such a romantic glow and the table numbers really pop!

Jules said...

I love the candle light and mason jars for the centerpieces instead of flowers.....another great touch that made for a perfect reception! Just beautiful!

Lesli Giertuga said...

WOW ! amazing ...
You did an amazing Job ...

Becky said...

More special touches :) I love the picture frames and of course the mason jars!! Can't wait to see what you used the pumpkins for, but I have an idea...

Tracy said...

I love all the candles in the mason jars, your table setting looks so pretty.
I love the thank you cards on the table, so sweet.
But the ispy…that is my favourite. We love our games in this family, so this is right up our alley :)

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