Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shower Flowers {Scrapbook Layout}

Happy Tuesday!

This was a crazy, but fun, weekend. One of my closest friends was married in California! I loved seeing our friends, meeting her family and celebrating her and her new husband.

And in addition to all that fabulousness, it was the first time I'd ever been to the West Coast so I got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time (that is a layout waiting to happen!)

Unfortunately, AJ couldn't attend the wedding because of work. During a two week span every year called "turnaround" he has to work every day - even weekends! - and he cannot take any days off. Of course, the wedding fell during those two weeks! He was really upset to have missed the wedding, and we definitely missed him there. But in a silver lining - I was super proud of myself for traveling to all the way to Orange County on my own!

Speaking of things AJ couldn't attend, I still have one layout from my bridal shower that I haven't shared (the others are here, here and here!)

I'm not sure why, but it was very important to me that AJ have flowers delivered to my bridal shower. I was so excited when he did, so they got their very own layout!

Just like I did for all of the other layouts, I used the Bella Blvd Engaged at Last line, but I also added in some Project Life cards from the Clementine kit for a little color. They matched the card from the florist so well that I couldn't help but add them!

Were there any little things that you really wanted at your bridal shower, like my flowers? Did you get them?

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Jules said...

What a sweet gesture from your groom to be....and the flowers were gorgeous. Love the paper! i am doing a wedding album for a coworker and am going to use Engaged at Last and Save the Date by Teresa Collins. Wedding scrapbook are some of my favorite! Good for you for making that long trip all by yourself! I have yet to make it to CA, but will get there one day!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

how thoughtful- love that you saved the tag!
awesome layout

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

What a great page and wonderful stories in your post. :) Congrats for making the trip alone. :) I love those flowers.

I didn't really have anything specific in mind for my bridal shower. I ended up having two. One with five of my close friends, and then one for friends/family. There ended up being a fight at the end of the shower with the family which was totally horrible, but it was beyond my control, so I just had to live with it as an ode to dysfunction. I was just thankful it was at the end and a lot of people (like my future MIL) had already left. :)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That is another cool idea! I've never heard of receiving flowers at your shower! So great that you even did a page for it!
I'd be proud of myself too for traveling all that way and back. I didn't know it was your first time out there. I love California! It sounds like you had a blast!!

Tracy said...

Such a sweet gesture my encouraged AJ to do for you, teehee.
No bridal shower for me…thats what happens when you decide to elope, lol

Becky said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful time in to, too bad AJ couldn't go, but at least you were able to go!! What a pretty layout!! I love the colors :)

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