Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Honey Stick Favors {Wedding Recaps}

One of the most difficult things for the wedding were the favors.

We knew right off the bat that AJ and I both really wanted to give edible favors. But we had so much trouble picking what exactly that would be.

We went through everything from caramel apples to black and white cookies to jars of honey. But there were problems with each:

Caramel Apples: They come in bulk. As in, not in individual bags. So we'd have to be putting sticky apples into plastic bags the night before the wedding. Drama I did not need.

Black and White Cookies: My favorite cookies of all time. But AJ's not such a fan. And they totally didn't go with our wedding colors. Besides, I'd probably eat all of the cookies before the wedding. Then I wouldn't fit into my dress and we'd have to buy more favors!

Jars of Honey: There were two problems with this favor. One was that the company didn't want to ship until September, and like the caramel apples, I didn't want to assemble favors the week before the wedding. And we had a lot of people traveling, and I was concerned that they wouldn't be able to bring them back in their suitcases with the TSA liquid restrictions. But we still loved the idea of honey!

So we finally settled on a favor, and I couldn't have been happier with it!

Honey straws. Basically, little one serving straws full of honey. Easy to transport, in our wedding colors and we could assemble them way before the wedding day!

 We decided to go with four different flavors of honey {CLOVER CINNAMON WILDFLOWER CARAMEL} and bundle them in groups of five.

This came together so super easy. It took four people less than an hour to bundle these all together!

We printed up two sets of labels: one with our names and wedding date, the other with the type of honey and punched them out.

Then, we just wrapped the bundles with raffia, slipped the labels on and voila! Favors!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
In the end, we were so happy with our edible honey straw favors! What types of favors are your favorite?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love the favors! I think this is the first I've seen them(that I remember). Honey straws are so much fun! We love when we get them at a restaurant with tea. How cool that they went with your colors and you could do them up ahead of time. I like how you displayed them too!

Becky said...

I love this idea! So creative and totally the perfect solution!!

Jules said...

What a fun favor! I have never heard of honey straws before, but they were the perfect favor for your fall themed wedding and the flavors sound yummy!

Tracy said...

These are such cool and perfect favours.
I love honey as I eat it almost everyday and have since I was in grade 1.
I love edible favours, but my nephew gave out tulip bulbs and I loved those as well.

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