Friday, May 9, 2014

Project Life 2014 {Week 14 + Week 15}

Happy Friday everyone!

Just this week, AJ was telling me that he couldn't remember what our apartment in Chicago looked like. I was so happy to have a Project Life album from when we were living there. There were so many pictures of the apartment - dinners, parties, hanging out watching tv, the view from the big window {oh man do I miss that view!}, even the entrance way + the outside of the building.

It just reminded me how much I love documenting our lives right now, because one day right now is the past, and it can be hard to remember all the little details.

Week 14 | March 31 - April 6
I flew to California for a wedding this week. It was my first time there, and the first time I'd seen some of our friends from Chicago since we left. It was so great to catch up and to celebrate our friends' marriage. The last wedding I included in Project Life was pretty detailed. But I only included an overview here, since I will probably be making a traditional layout about this one.

Unfortunately, AJ couldn't join me on this trip. There are two weeks every year that he is not allowed to take off from work called turnaround. He has to work every day, not even a weekend off, so taking off four days to fly to California was just not an option. He was very disappointed to miss this special occasion. And I missed having him there, but I was very proud of myself for flying across the country and navigating the LA freeway all by myself!

Week 15 | April 7 - April 13
The next week was a big contrast from all the celebrating + catching up + beach going of the weekend before. It was just back to normal around here, going to work, hanging out outside and doing chores around the house. We bought a lawn mower + cut the grass, put together our new grill + cooked dinner on it, and watered the lawn (most areas with a sprinkler, but one by hand).

I also left some empty space in this layout. Under the picture of the tree right page, bottom left pocket I am going to add these cute star sprinkles I have, but I want to wait until I create the other side's pocket so I can seal it up. I am going to leave the space next to the 4x6 vertical card empty so you can see through to next least, that is the plan right now!

Seriously, I cannot get over this picture of him watering the grass by hand. In his socks. With gardening gloves hanging off the side of his belt. And aviator sunglasses + a baseball cap. He looks slightly bad-ass, and slightly like an old man who yells "Hey kids! Get off my lawn!"

But he won't have to water the lawn this weekend. Its been raining here all morning! Hopefully the weather gets nicer this weekend though, I was looking forward to spending some time outside. What are you up to this weekend?

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

your project life looks awesome!

Tracy said...

LOL, "Slightly bad-ass, and slightly like an old man"…laughing so much right now.
Love your description, lol.
Great pages as always Katie :)

Gita said...

I don't miss having to drive through LA traffic!! Ugh!!

Becky said...

That's what I love about Project Life too!!! You are so funny :)

Jules said...

Love the pages and can't stop giggling about the comment about AJ watering the lawn....too funny!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I know there are a ton of things I would have forgotten if I hadn't scrapbooked about them!

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