Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Atlanta + Savannah + Harbor Island {Summer List 2014}

Happy Tuesday!

I was definitely quiet here last week, because AJ and I crossed a few things off of our summer list. We went on road trip!

In April, we decided we wanted to go to the beach this summer {we are both really struggling with living so far from the water down here} AJ did a ton of research and found Harbor Island, South Carolina - we could drive there, it was the Atlantic Ocean, and it was quiet. So we booked a condo on the beach, and away we went!

Well, not really as easy as that. A wasp flew into the car as we were leaving, and it totally threw us off. So we ended up having to kill it, then go back into the house to get stuff clean off the window, then go back into the house because we forgot to turn off the light after we got the windex. Then go back around the block after we left because we couldn't remember if we'd shut the garage door with all the craziness.

But after that - away we went!

Since the drive was 13 hours, we decided to stop in Atlanta on our way to South Carolina. Neither of us had ever been there before (aside from the airport!)

We didn't do too much sight seeing, since we were very tired from driving (and fighting wasps at 5:30am!) But we did walk around the city a little bit, and went for dinner and drinks.
the view from our hotel room | walking around Peachtree Street | grabbing a drink at the hotel bar

The next morning, it was a not terribly long drive to South Carolina. Even though we were staying on the sea islands, we were super close to Savannah. So we took a day trip over there.

We didn't take one of the tours - although we saw them all over the place. We just really wanted to walk, as opposed to taking the trolley {walking is another thing we desperately miss since moving down here}. Fortunately, Heather had some really awesome posts about her family's trip to Savannah {here here and here}, and we used her posts as our tour guide!
city hall | the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist | AJ in front of the historic Savannah theater | Juliette Gordon Low's house (as a former Girl Scout, I so loved seeing this) | the square where Forest Gump was filmed

We also did some sightseeing of a different type. The next island over was Hunting Island - a state park with beautiful beaches, nature trails and a lighthouse.

We took a walk on one of the trails. Until we saw a snake. Then two steps later saw another snake. We decided that was enough nature for us and screamed and ran walked very quickly back to the safety of our car and the snake free beach!
one of the beautiful trails | the lighthouse | a salamander | dead trees in the surf | AJ playing lifeguard | AJ walking down the apparently snake filled trail | the lagoon | a shrimp boat

But mostly our vacation looked like this.
hanging out on the deck | smoking cigars on the beach (okay that was just AJ) | eating dinner on the water | sitting outside | watching the pelicans | enjoying the window seat | hanging out at the pool | running on the beach | walking the board walking | watching the alligator | smoking more cigars (still just AJ) | enjoying the marsh and all the birds that lived there | listening to the waves crash | hanging out at the pool some more | watching the sunset

I seriously can't believe we are back in Baton Rouge. Even though we just got back Sunday night, it feels like this was weeks and weeks ago.

But AJ had to go back to work and I guess I should start getting back to our regular routine. Which means I need to do all that vacation laundry!

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Looks like an amazing and memorable road trip! That's neat you got to see a bit of Atlanta and Savannah too. Thank you for the shout out!! :) Love that place. We saw a snake when visiting a plantation in Charleston. Yikes!!
Your beach pics look so pretty and relaxing. I hope you guys are getting back into the swing of things.
We've gone back to see if we closed the garage door too!

Dawn said...

Ahhhh .... The beach pictures make me want to head there NOW! Glad you enjoyed your getaway after the rocky start! Darn wasps!


Tracy said...

Sounds like such a wonderful relaxing trip…besides the snakes ;)
I love love love road trips.
Great photos as always :)
One thing that is so neat having a blog and reading others is you learn so much about other cites and countries.
When we went to Montana, I had my friend Leslee who lives there, giving me tips along the way :)

Becky said...

What an awesome road trip! Those are seriously the best, aren't they? We stopping in Atlanta on our way home from Florida two years ago and it's pretty cool there! Would LOVE to go to Savannah too! Beautiful beach pictures, looks so quiet! Seriously, at least once a week, I'm driving back down the street to make sure I closed the garage door!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Such a fun trip!! Despite getting off to a crazy start :)
I really do love to travel with Mime. And the kids. But I really love when we can go just the two of us.

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