Friday, June 13, 2014

Project Life 2014 {Week 20}

Happy Friday!

How is your summer going? I am just loving every second of being off from work and recharging for the new school year. But seriously, let's not talk about the new school year yet.

Let's talk about Project Life instead :)

Week 20 | May 12 - May 18

This was a pretty crazy week for everyone in my family! My brother graduated from law school on Saturday! We are all so proud of him :) Unfortunately, AJ and I couldn't attend because it was halfway across the country on Saturday morning and we couldn't make it in time due to work. But, everyone kept us in the loop with lots and lots of pictures (thank you Mom + Dad + Jamie!)

We also had a bit of drama this week. Monday night, we attended Confirmation at our church. Everything was going great - right up until the very end of Communion! I passed out! Fortunately, we were surrounded by good friends, including two nurses, who were able to take charge of the situation and were so so helpful.

Although I did end up in the emergency room until 1am! Fortunately, everything seems to be okay, but we had to get it checked out.

I was feeling much better on Tuesday. Better enough to bake cookies for AJ's plant's crawfish boil. Of course, AJ helped me too. He was great at icing the Andes Mint cookies {recipe found from Becky Higgin's blog - and is definitely a new favorite}

And Wednesday was my birthday! We celebrated twice - once on my actual birthday with dinner at a local restaurant + cake + presents. And again on Saturday with dinner in Baton Rouge. I loved celebrating all week long :)

Since we had lots of "things" from this week that I didn't want to cut up - the Confirmation program + my birthday cards - I decided to just punch holes in them and put them right into my book. I could have included them in protectors, but because I want to be able to easily open and flip through these items, I decided to just punch holes directly into them and leave them out of the page protectors.

Do you include "things" - cards, maps, programs, etc. - in your albums? How do you like to display them?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Another great, busy week (aside from the passing out and ER visit)! I'm glad you're enjoying your summer break. One more week until we're done!

Becky said...

I love how you just punched holes in the cards and program and put them straight into the book!! I always put then into page protectors and it's kind of a hassle taking them out to look at them. Problem solved!

Tracy said...

Lovely PL pages, I like the light powder blue colour used through out.
Love that you punched holes in your cards. My album is a post bound album, so this won't work for me, but great solution :)
Did you ever figure out why you passed out yet?

Jules said...

I have definitely thought about just punching holes in things I want to keep..some of my travel albums...cause heaven know I can't get my act together on regular project life, but I have been worried that eventually they would wear and tear. Maybe I am worrying for no reason.

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