Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer List 2014 {Update}

Every year, I write a summer list of fun things I want to do. Some years it works out great, and others it doesn't. But for the first time, I thought I'd check in about halfway through the summer and see how it is all going!

read three new books | so far I've only read two books that were entirely new to me - Outliers and Paris
go to the beach | Harbor Island, South Carolina...and I'm in New York right now. Although its raining, so we haven't gone to the beach yet, just the vineyards, the pool, and the outlets!
shop at the farmer's market | we finally checked out the one in Baton Rouge - and got about a zillion jalepenos for just $1!
make pesto | I did, with this recipe, but I forgot to take a picture :(
have a picnic | does our indoors one count?
take a picture every day | thanks to #100happydays on instagram, I've actually kept up with this one!
go to a concert | Bayou Country Superfest!
take a road trip | we drove all the way to South Carolina and back, hitting Atlanta and Savannah along the way!

And still left to do before Labor Day...
go for a bike ride | make coronoa cupcakes | finish wedding photo book | 
make s'mores | grill a pizza | do a summer puzzle

I can do this...right?

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angela said...

Love your summer list! I need to make one so the summer doesn't go by without me accomplishing anything. Thanks for the motivation Katie & enjoy NY!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You SURE can do this. You've done so much already!! I hope the rain has stopped and you can get to the beach in New York. It's nice here today so I'm hoping the same for you!

Becky said...

You can totally do this!! You've done an amazing job so far :)

Tracy said...

Wow you have been busy, sounds like such a great summer so far :)
You can knock out the rest of your list, enjoy :)

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