Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Manifesto {2014}

Happy Fall! I'm so excited that my favorite season is finally here!

Labor Day has always marked the beginning of fall in my book. We spent Labor Day weekend at the beach saying good bye to summer, and last night putting out all of our fall decor.

There is so much stuff that I love about fall...the cooler weather, sweaters, scarves, apple, fall beers, yummy candles.

This year, instead of a fall list of things to do, I decided to make a list of things to make and eat. Because really, I love my fall foods! And there is nothing like a cool fall day followed by an evening of baking delicious goodies!

Its actually still to warm here to make crockpot potato soup or cheddar apple muffins. But hopefully it will cool down soon! But until then...there are definitely a few Blue Moons in the fridge, and with any luck, I'll find my favorite pumpkin tea at Target this week!

What are you favorite fall treats? I am always looking to try something new!

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

love fall- my fave!!
fun things on the list

Tracy said...

Everything sounds good.
Share your potato soup recipe when you make it :)
Wearing warmer clothes is what I like about fall, and getting ready to hibernate, teehee.

Dawn said...

fall is my favorite too! I love all things pumpkin! Can't get enough of it! We're going to my parents cottage this weekend and having a s'mores party. Yummy!!

Becky said...

This is the first year I made a fall just and I did it in honor of you!! :) we always love to make chili in the fall, bit this weekend I'm going to try out chicken pot pie... I'm a firm believer that pie should be sweet, but Heather (and Mike) have me thinking otherwise ;)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I absolutely love fall too. It helps to say good bye to summer that there are so many great things about fall! I haven't seen that Blue Moon yet? Sounds amazing!! In fact all of your fall plans sound amazing!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I have a few recipes I actually want to try this fall (even tho I am not much of a cook) like iced pumpkin cookies.

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