Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Daily 2014 {Day 2}

Happy Wednesday!

I'm so excited, I am going to look at more houses today. Our house in Louisiana hasn't sold yet, so we aren't ready to put in an offer in New York, but I am really enjoying looking at all kinds of houses in all the different towns around here. I figure by the time we are ready to put in an offer on a house, I'll know what all of our options are!

I just keep my fingers crossed that I don't find a "perfect" house, because I would want to buy it right away, and that's not an option right now!

But I'm sure it will be fun, and I should have some interesting pictures to share tomorrow!

Yesterday I took a ton of pictures!
Waiting to cross the bridge on the way to the grocery store | Cold weather + an advisory for an ice storm | Blogging in the morning | Writing up a menu + grocery list | And buying groceries | One of our Nativity scenes, this one is near the tree | Finally getting the empty boxes off the dining room table | Setting up the advent wreath

After I was done grocery shopping and decorating, I was playing with my camera and taking pictures of the tree. I decided to try out this tutorial.

The pictures reminded me of looking at the tree without my glasses on - something I love to do, and something I'm always trying to convince AJ is pretty. He doesn't wear glasses and can never understand what I mean when I try to describe what anything without glasses looks like!

"I've tried to explain to AJ (who has perfect vision) why the tree looks so beautiful without your glasses on. He never got it, until I found a tutorial showing how to take photos like this. He was shocked that this is my world without my glasses!"

Do you wear glasses? Do you love to look at the tree without them like I do?

I'm linking up my Day 2 with Ali Edwards again today. And the rest of my album pages are here: Day 1 (and by rest, I mean the other one...because its only Day 2!)

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Love the pretty bokeh on your tree!! I never thought about it like that --what it looks like to someone without their glasses! We have some fun holiday 3D glasses that make the lights look different--like snow flakes or stars. That's about as close as I get to it looking like that. Fun!
Have fun house hunting!!

Dawn Gross said...

I totally get it! I'll have to try the tutorial - fun! Happy house hunting!

Ann said...

Oh my! I love your world with out glasses! I did this same page in my december daily last year, trying to get people to understand what I see. I hate poor vision, contacts and glasses... except at Christmas. The tree is so beautiful to us, it's a secret gift.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I do not wear glasses yet but actually need them. I was supposed to get a pair for reading and night driving but have put it off.
Love your December page! Especially the enlarged photo. And good luck with the house hunting. I hope you are able to make a sale on the other one quickly!

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