Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily 2014 {Day 1}

Good morning! How was your Thanksgiving?

Our Thanksgiving weekend was fun, but the two weeks before...craziness!

Can you do me a favor? The next time I decide to move cross country and host a major holiday two weeks later, please remind me how crazy it was to unpack and shop and cook and get the house ready at the same time!

But really, without the deadline of hosting guests for a holiday, I seriously doubt we would have gotten everything unpacked and organized so quickly. So maybe I should always plan a big party right after a move so we have to get everything done?

Of course, the house is in upheaval again as we pull out all of the Christmas decor and try to figure out where it all fits in our new apartment!

And its time to begin another one of my favorite holiday traditions - December Daily. Like previous years, this will be my only digital project of the year.

I'm using Shutterfly again, because it is just so easy! Every morning I upload the pictures from the day before {or I upload my iphone pictures directly from their app - so easy!} I add the pages to the book one at a time, and by the end of the month, my book is done and ready to order!

I'll be sharing a bit about our days + my layouts here. It might be daily, it might not...I guess I'll just have to see how it works out! But I will be linking up with Ali Edwards.

And so, its on to Day 1!
It was a pretty normal December day. A little baking, watching food network by the tree.

We started our advent calendars. They are a wonderful tradition in my family. Every year, my aunt buys us all a chocolate advent calendar. It is one of my favorite December things, and I can't imagine starting off a Christmas season morning without that little piece of chocolate!

A little out of the ordinary today, AJ came home for lunch. He called around 1:15, he'd forgotten his lunch and since we live just 10 minutes away, he decided to come eat here. It was so fun to see him for a bit in the middle of the day!

Of all those stories today, I decided to start off December Daily with the peanut butter oatmeal cookies I was making. Which is nothing new really. 2011 and 2012 started off similarly, talking about cookies and baking...and 2013 started with another favorite holiday treat!
"It seems December Daily always starts with something baked. The start of this month, bringing out the Christmas decorations, watching our favorite Christmas movies {Home Alone | Christmas Vacation}, the cold weather, it all makes me want to fill the kitchen with flour and sugar and vanilla.
I tried a new recipe this time - peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I'm calling them "breakfast cookies", but just so I don't feel bad eating them in the morning!"

It feels awesome to start this project. How are you documenting your Christmas season?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You did SO much in such a short time! I will try and remind you next time but hopefully you won't be moving cross country again!! Our house was in a total upheaval after Thanksgiving too. Thankfully we are now decorated for Christmas (for the most part) and things are getting back to normal. Those cookies look so good. My daughter made oatmeal cookies last night as our first Christmas cookies of the season. I could definitely eat one for breakfast. PB -Oatmeal..yum! I love your digital scrapbook for the month idea! We do Advent calendars too but no chocolate..I like those kinds too!!

elisa said...

i love holiday baking! great first page!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Lol, I always try to clean house at least once a week. But seriously when we are having company over it really pushes me to do it right!

Fun December Daily so far! I think it's a great tradition but just don't do it myself. I did a Christmas mini album one year that started out as a December Daily but just ended up being a plain album about the holiday itself.

Becky said...

Man, it's been a busy few months for you!! But what a payoff!! Love day 1of December daily!!

Beck Holder said...

Hi! I've found your blog through Ali's link up. We're in sunny Australia and I can't imagine how cool it would be to have a cold Christmas. Enjoy your cookies!

Tracy said...

Hard to believe December is here already.
Nice to see that you have settled into your new place :)
Baking sounds like a perfect way to bring in a new month :)
So great to see you back :)

Dawn Gross said...

Wow! You guys are on fire!! Digital is a great idea! I used jury duty $$ to splurge on Ali's kit. It's still in the box. Been away on weekends, but I'm taking pictures & such so it will get done.

Enjoy your cookies!


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