Friday, August 14, 2015

Project Life 2015 {January}


How has your summer been? I took a mini break from most social media stuff (except a few instagrams, because I just love pictures so much!), it was kind of nice to step away for a little bit. And as a result, this summer I ended up almost never being on the computer.

You really would have thought that I would have gotten more things done around here with more free time, but I really really didn't. Would you believe we still aren't fully unpacked? There are a few boxes left in our storage room that have to be looked at, but most of them are full of not essential things (non maternity clothes, fine china...)

Fortunately, I found my scrapbook stuff, or most of it. There are still a few albums that are packed up, but I found my 2015 Project Life album!

But I am really behind on it because its been packed up for so long! My album is only completed through March, but I did just order all of the pictures through July, so I should be able to catch up soon - I hope!

{Week 1}

{Week 2}

{Week 3}

{Week 4}

{Week 5}

It was fun to go back and look at these layouts. Its been so long since I've opened this album, and so much has changed since January - back then we were living in Albany, looking at homes up there and just hoping that we'd have a baby on the way soon. And now we are in Chicago, back in an apartment, and best of all, expecting our first child in November!

Its still crazy to me how quickly things changed this year!

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Becky said...

I've taken a big break too! It has been SO nice :) Your Project Life looks awesome! That's what I love about this, how fast you can catch up!

Mary Jo said...

Same here! I haven't blogged since May and I just happened to catch your post in my bloglivin feed email!
So excited for you :)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You've had some wonderful changes!! How exciting!!!

Dawn Gross said...

Welcome back!

Jules said...

So glad to see you blogging again. I have so missed your posts!

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