Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holiday Book Update

So, I finished a bunch of the holiday pages. Although some didn't photograph great, I'll need to take those pictures again!

The pages are deliberately simple. I want to be able to showcase a few pictures, but since I don't know what the pictures will look like yet, I'm not sure what embellishments I want to use!

Pink is one of my favorite colors. Especially around Valentine's Day. The pink and reds and hearts all look so beautiful against the winter backdrop!

I love the Easter page! The rickrack on the paper reminds me of Easter baskets!

The back to school page is one of my favorites! I love how the apples and the border match the hearts on the opposite page. And I found my pop dots! So I was able to make it a little more three dimensional than the other pages.

I got some fabulous pictures of my dog today. He never ever wants to sit for the camera, but he was practically posing today (yes, I know he can't actually pose, but still, he really looked like he was). I was in a drought before, with no great pictures or inspiration, and now everywhere I turn, I feel like I want to scrap something!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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