Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Clean Scrapbook Room and a New Layout

I love to see how other people have their scrapbook rooms/corners/desks set up, I am a huge organizer, so I'm always looking for new ways to organize! I wanted to post pictures of my room, so I could remember what it looked like after I move and have to re-set it up! It had to wait until I was on Spring Break, so I could finally clean up my scrapbook room! Well, my half of it at least...

I love the bookcases from Ikea! I have three of them, two standing on either side, and one lying down in the middle. I left the dividers out of the second shelf on both the vertical bookcases to fit my eclips (in the picture) and my cricut (not in the picture). I really love this set up! I hope I can keep the shelves like this when we move...only we won't need it as a tv stand anymore, so that will become my desk (the desk I currently have is way too big to fit into any apartment!)
I was inspired by my newly cleaned room to scrap some pictures I found while I was cleaning. I love to make chocolate chip cookies (in fact, there are some in the oven right now!) My brother, dad and boyfriend all love these cookies...I actually don't like cookies, or sweets really, except flourless chocolate cake, but I'm alone in that one! So, I decided to make a page featuring the recipe (hahaha, its just the Toll House one), as well as some pictures of the steps of making the cookies.
I also used my cricut everyday paper dolls to make the "cook" in the corner. I didn't mean for it to be so tall, but I originally planned on using different hair that wasn't quite as tall. Its okay though, I love the hair because it reminds me of how I wear mine when I'm cooking! I also added stickles to the pocket and ribbon of the apron...I just got my first set of stickles (I could never find them by me, but I found them by AJ in Delaware...and the best part? No sales tax!)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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