Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bathroom Etiquette

There are a lot of rules in a mens' bathroom. Don't use the urinal right next to a guy, don't look at anyone. I'm sure there is no chatting. 

There are not as many rules when in a girls' bathroom. In general, it is okay for people to chat (the lines in there can be long!), ask each other to borrow perfume, hairspray, or a quick check for wardrobe malfunctions. Sometimes, people will take a poll of the bathroom to find out if their friend/boyfriend/husband did something super mean, or if they are just overreacting (just a head's up - the guy is always super mean!), but in general, ladies are friendly.

However, there are certain times we will borrow rules from the mens' room. This was one of those times.

I was using the bathroom. I was literally the only person using one of the 20 stalls there (it was a HUGE bathroom), when someone else came in.

At this point of the story, my mom asked "Oh no! Did they go right next to you? I hate that!" 



When I opened my stall door, this girl was standing right outside it

Not over by the sink/door area where the line usually starts, not even a few stall doors away waiting. 

Right outside my stall door. 

So much so that she had to step out of my way to let me out of the stall. 

Now, I find this a bit awkward. I am not sure why this girl did not chose to use one of the other 19 stalls. Or one of the stalls on the other side of this L shaped bathroom.

I just thought it was a bit weird.

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